160+ Darkside tunes from 1993-1995 [Ebay]


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Nov 18, 2003

As the subject describes ... listed out below is whats up for grabs. All with mp3 full track sound samples and label scans .. so you even get a chance to top up your mp3 collection


007/DJ SS 'Undercover Agent EP' FORM12041
4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse-Drowning In Her

A Man From The Geto 'Rebirth/Good Love' 1994
Adam F 'The Bible/Digital Air' Section 5 #6
Aladdin 'We Enter/So Good' Remixes 1994
Altered-Ego/Hooligan-Double Vision Vol 1-1994
Aphrodite 'Sub Groove/Shine' PROMO 1994
Ascend - Can't Hold Back/Movin On Strong 1994

B-Jam 'Funkula (DJ Hype Remix)' No Smoking
Badd 102 'All Crew/Def Con Sound' 1993
Badman 'War For '94/The Rising' IQ #6 1994
Bizzy B/Technochild 'The Slate EP Pt. 2' 1994
Blinded By Science 'Scanners/Afterlife' 1994
Bug Kann & The Plastic Jam-Made In 2 Minutes
Bug Kann/Smokey Joe/Aphrodite 'Shining' PLB01

CODE0001 (4 Tracks) Q-Project/Gwange/Spinback
Chimeira 'Deeper Love/Jacob's Ladder' 1994
Cool Hand Flex 'Must Feel/Yeh Yeh' UG27 1994

D'Ruffizt 'Jungle Obsession EP' Hi Pois'n #5
D.O.P.E. 'Burning/Travelling' Rugged Vinyl
D.O.P.E.-Travelling Part 2-Good Looking 1994
DJ Crystl 'Frantic Situation/Drop XTC' LSR04
DJ Devine/Essence 'Dezire/Raw Material' 1994
DJ Dextrous/Rude Boy Keith 'Horn EP' KJL2
DJ Dub Rush 'Horse Rider/Silence' Back 2 Back
DJ Flash/MC Fearless 'Pulp Fiction/Fact' 1995
DJ Fokus 'Get A Bearing' Suicide Records 1994
DJ Fokus 'Watch Out/Media' Suicide 1994
DJ Gunshot 'Soundboy/Sound Test' NUT010 1994
DJ Gunshot 'Wheel Up/Black Magic' NUT006 1994
DJ Gwange/Spinback/Tango - Legendary Volume 2
DJ Gwange/Tango/DJ Lee - Legendary Volume 3
DJ Harry/Point Blank 'Cape Fear' 1994
DJ Hype/Dopestyle - Ganja Records - Volume 1
DJ Krome/Mr Time-The Licence/Ruffneck Scouts
DJ Krome/Mr. Time 'Ganja Man/Studio One Lik'
DJ Monita-The Party/Nightmares-Skeleton 1994
DJ Monk/Simpleton 'I Spy (Eye Nuh See)' 1994
DJ Monk/Tico/Buju Banton-Good Body Girl-1994
DJ Monk/Wynee-Sweetest Thing/Altern-KLP 1994
DJ Nut Nut/Mad Ragga Jon 'The Rumble Remix'
DJ Pugwash/Formula 7 'NASA/NASA #2' 10" ID04
DJ Rap/Gimp/Steve C 'Your Mind' Proper Talent
DJ Ron 'Mo Musik' Rough Tone 1994
DJ Seduction 'Everybody/Got The Music' Impact
DJ Solo 'Darkage/Axis' DMS Remixes 10" 1993
DJ Solo/DJ Rossie 'Inna Strength/Sureshot' FX
DJ Undacut 'Floating/Sleepless Nights' DARK!!
DRM 2 RUFF (Toni Braxton 'Nice Tune') *ORIG*
Da Dread 'Subconscious Fears' Boom Tunes BMT2
Danny C 'Well Balanced EP' Absolute Zero 1994
Darkus & GE Real 'Fantasy/Pass De Dub!' 1994
Dead Dred/Origin Unknown 'Dred Bass' SHADOW50
Deep Blue - Fantasy #1,#2 & #3 - SHADOW41
Deep Blue/2 Bad Mice-The Helicopter Tune 1994
Deep Blue/Rufige Kru-The Helicopter Tune 1994
Dred Bass/The JB 'World Of Music/Smokin Cans'
Dubtronix 'New Age EP' B9 Records 1994
Dubtronix 'The Theme EP - Screwface 2' 1994

Eat Life/DJ Pooch 'The Bells 94' Cut & Run #2
Ed Rush 'Guncheck/The Force Is Electric Rmx'
Ed Rush/Nico 'Bludclot Artattack' NUT007 1994
Embee 'Niceness/My, My, My' Splash #3 1994
Enforcers Volume 5-Nookie/Grooverider/Goldie
Enforcers Volumes 6 & 7 Double Pack
Eze G/Badd 102 'Dub Exodus' Unnatural Light

Fallen Angels 'Hello Lover/Oh Yeah' IQ 1994
Formula 7 'Jodi's Theme/Manifestation' 1993
Formula 7/Bizzy B/TDK 'Better Days EP' 1994
Formula 7/Easy Bass-Run From The Sound Clash
Foul Play Volume Four - SHADOW49 - 1994

Gappa G/Hyper Hypa 'Information Centre Remix'
Gimp/Steve C 'R.E.A.L./Mina' Skeleton 1994

Heartless 'Tubular Breaks Remix 94' HEART02
Higher Sense 'Cold Fresh Air' Liftin' Spirit
Hopa & Bones/Oaysis 'Mystical Horns' Outcry
Hyper-On Experience 'Lords Of The Null-Lines'

Inna Rhythm 'Infinity/Carrie' Tone Def 1994
Interception 'Feel It/Let Me Know' Motivation

JUNG001-Kristine Weitz 'Feel What You Want'
Jason Ball - Horns 4 '94 - Back 2 Basics 1994
Johnny Jungle/Dillinja/The Noise Of Art Pt.3
Johnny Jungle/Origin Unknown/Droppin' Science
Johnny Jungle/Pascal/DJ Dextrous Remixes Pt.1
Justice 'Touch Me...' Flavour Tracks #1 1993

K-Rox/DJ Monita-The Dark Angel-Skeleton 1994

LTJ Bukem/Peshay '19.5/Reprisal' GLR008 1994
Low Key Movements 'Come Cross' RIVET1261

M-Beat/Nazlyn 'Sweet Love' Renk Records 1994
MI5 'I Cant Understand/Experience' Lucky Spin
Mad Dog 'Secret Garden/Relapse' 1993
Mad Dog/Fugitive-Phaze 3/Klass A Remixs 1995
Majistrate 'Open Circuit/Pressurous' 1994
Marvellous Cain 'Dub Plate Style/Jump Up' 10"
Metalheads/Goldie 'Angel' SYNTH007 1993
Metronome/M-Beat 'Warning' Serious/Renk 1994
Michelle Gayle/LTJ Bukem 'Sweetness Rmx' 1994
More Rockers 'Dream/The Rain' 2KR02T 1994
More Rockers/Roni Size - You're Gonna Make Me

Nasty Jungle/L Double 'Dub Plate Exchange'
Nicky Blackmarket/Formula 7 'Maniacs - Vol 1'
Ninj - Flying F*ck EP (Screwface Is Dead) SAS
Northern Connexion 'Think/For She' 1994

Odd Man Out 'Musical Dis/Rougher Remix' 1994
Omni Trio Volume 4 - SHADOW44 - 1994
On Remand/Tango - Controllin'/Assault 94
Original DJ Vibes 'Warm & Eazy' 10" 1994
Original Vibes 'Music Is My Life '94 Remix'

Parallel World/E-Z Rollers/JMJ 'Tear Into It'
Phrenetic 'Liquid Sky EP' Whitehouse #36 1994
Pigbag/DJ Vibes 'Can You Reach' Active 1994
Plasmic Life/Acro/Technical Itch 'Death Trip'
Potential Bad Boy 'Jungle Fever/Have No Fear'
Potential Bad Boy 'Sound Of The Jungle' 1994
Potential Bad Boy 'Warning Remix' Ibiza 1994
Probe/Pugwash 'Dominion Remix' ID/Rambo 1993

Question Mark #1 (RAR???) Orca's 4AM Remix

Red One 'The Futurist' Liftin' Spirit 1994
Reel 2 Reel/RDR 'Raw From China Remix' 10"
Roni Size/DJ Die-Size Of Things To Come 1994
Roni Size/DJ Krust/JMJ/Richie - 2 On 1 Vol. 7
Ruff Cut/Bizzy B '100 Degrees' EASYLIFE001
Rus De Tox/Teebone 'Selectors Roll' SLR1 1994

SLM/Darren Jay/DJ Yomi 'Die Hard EP' 1994
SMD #3 (Slipmatt) Original Pressing
SMD #4 (Slipmatt) Original Pressing
Sacred 'Kall Da Kops Remix' Pursuit #3 1994
Skan 'Sizeable Respect EP' 24 Karat 1994
Skool Of Hard Knocks 'Release/Everybody' 1994
Sleepwalker/Lemon D 'Age Of Aquarius' 1994
Slipmatt 'Breaking Free/Hear Me' Awesome 1994
Souljah 'Down With The Lights/Step 2-1' 1995
Soundman 'Wishing On A Dream' Jet Star 1994
Steve C/DJ Monita 'The Razors Edge/Full Cry'
Studio Pressure 'Presha Part III/Relics' 1995
Sub Sequence 'Music Is The Vibe' Too'z Up #2
Sub Sequence 'Release/Youre The One' Too'z Up
Swift & Zinc Volume 4 Brain Progression 1993
Swift & Zinc Volume 5 Brain Progression 1994
Swift & Zinc Volume 6 Brain Progression 1994
System X/Photek-Feel It/Move Yourself-3rd Eye

T-Power/The Sandman 'Oedipus Complex' Soapbar
TDK/Bizzy B 'Warp Factor One' Brain #20 1994
Tango/Hyper-On Experience - 2 On 1 Volume 4
The Darkest Knight/MC Duke 'Educated Snares'
The Dream Team 'Lighter/Sweetie' Joker 1995
The Groove Sindikut/Undacut/Addiction 1994
The Invisible Man 'The Bell Tune' GLR006 1994
The JB 'Stand Easy Rmx/Droppin 2 Steps' 1994
The Sound Of FX Chapter 2 - Tone Def - 1995
Time Square 'Gangster' Jungle Splash #7 1994
Top Star/Master Flexer-New Jack In The Jungle

Underground Software/Tek 9 - RIVET1254 - 1993
Unit 1/Alex Reece 'Theme/Arden' Creative Wax
Unit 1/Alex Reece/Wax Doctor 'Atlantic Drama'
Unknown Warrior 'The Dark Edge EP' Sensi 1993

Van Kleef/Top Buzz 'Life Began Changing' 1994
Vertigo-Deep Cover/Northern Lights-Crackhouse

X Rated Cru/DJ Red Ant 'Never Say Never' 1994

Zulu Records #2 'Living In Style' 10" 1994
Zulu Records #3 'Oh La La Jungle' 10" 1994
1992 or any oldskool headz !
If you read this post you need to get
this tune....(if you aint already)

CODE0001 (4 Tracks) Q- Project/Gwange/Spinback

Massive jungletekno tune from 93 played by
the likes of..


Just to mention a few.

Its also quite unheard
of & extremely rare so you could pick up a
bargain if it goes unwatched at e bay.

Would make a cool E.P. of the week for the
1992 section, Trust me !!

Looks like theres some other gems in there too
but this is mos def the pick of the bunch !!!!

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