150 mph go karts, 0-100 in 6-7 seconds


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Not Fake, Not Gay(nothing from the Isle of Man is gay, we locked ya up till about 10 years ago if you were a poofter! True Story), its them blasting through a town called Peel. Its fucking insane in real life!!!

But for Isle of Man Porn you cannot do more than the TT. Team Isle of Man for the win! New Lap Record this year for 37.75 Mile Lap 132.298 MPH AVERAGE SPEED(bout 17 mins)

But it can can all go horiibly wrong the on board above, this is the same guy ragdolling down the mountain here a few years ago. He came 2nd and 3rd in the 2 Superbike races this year!!!! Fearless mentalists!!!!

And this is some fella getting it all wrong at Ballaugh Bridge this year, RIP Bob Price!

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