Drum & Bass 15 minutes of rollers - vinyl


Hmph..... silly...
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do you love > jaipur - nice idea man, i think the beatmatching was slightly off and maybe do you love needed eq'ing out a bit more at the start cos it still seemed pretty dominant on the double drop
> loose ends - decent, would have been nice say bringing back in jaipur's scattered drums, sounded a bit quiet i think
> ?? - yeah this is sick! pretty clean. nice vibe to this one
> be true - sweeeet, feeling this blend. sounds really good with the previous track's bass
> blue eyes - a bit harsh coming in at the start i think cos you cant really hear the build up, sounds nice with be true's vocals

all in all good stuff considering you;ve only been mixing vinyl 2 weeks! i should have my vinyl setup in a few days so its good to hear you can be at a decent level so soon after getting started. have you had much practice before?
Cheers mate, yer few harsh bits dont feel as comfortable on vinyl for obvious reasons! Seems to affect my performance a bit but yer been mixing for just over a year on cdjs, much tighter and confident on them and played some gigs out on quite big nights.