15/01/12 LA ROCHA feat. CHLLNGR(live) @ The Berkeley Suite

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    Sundays ~ 11pm - 3am ~ The Berkeley Suite Late night bar ~ 237 North Street

    Seeking to proffer a Sunday night with a little more substance, a little more nourishment for your mind, your ears, and your bellies... Something a little more, louche....

    La Rocha will be providing a safe haven for all those who seek it and where better to host it than The Berkeley Suite, a new late night ballroom bar on North St, with tables and chairs set out all night, unoffensive volumes on the speakers and a bar that is forgiving on the wallet.

    For our launch we've brought in CHLLNGR who will be showcasing his newly released album 'Haven', featuring synthesizers, drum machines and a tenor saxophone, prepare to let go of your head and your heart inside a truly beautiful venue....

    Up and coming...

    - 15/01/12 LA ROCHA LAUNCH NIGHT feat. CHLLNGER(live)

    - 22/01/12 Resident Vibes w\ Cutters Choices and Shax O' Ring

    - 29/01/12 A Stanley Kubrick inspired evening with special guests and fancy dress

    - 06/01/12 Resident Vibes w\ Cutters Choice and Shax O' Ring

    - 12/01/12 The Hook and Slingers(live)