14 Glitchhop Tutorials + 4 sound design tutorials + 3 bass design tutorials!

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    Hey there, I am a producer from the Netherlands who makes tutorial videos on Ableton Live. I'm currently running a tutorial season about the creation process of an entire track in the genre Glitchhop. So expect funky sounds and groovy beats. The season is halfway through now and I felt I needed to share this.

    1. How to make a Glitchhop kickdrum
    2. How to make that Koan Sound snare
    3. How to use grooves and Liquid Rhythm
    4. How to make groovy percussion loops
    5. All about chords, scales and melodies
    6. Get great sounding slap bass with E-MU Proteus VX
    7. How to make a Kill The Noise style bass
    8. How to make a nasty reese bass! (part 1)
    9. How to make a nasty reese bass! (part 2)
    10. How to make a screaming bass with NI Massive
    11. Understanding song structures
    12. How to use hardware instruments in Ableton
    13. How to make accoustic drums
    14. How to make big and phat buildups!

    Next to my Glitchhop season I'm also doing a series of videos on bass sound design, currently there are three but a lot more to come!

    Bass design 1: Basic vowel FM bass in Operator
    Bass design 2: Basic vowel FM bass in FM8
    Bass design 3: 'Feed me' style saw bass in Spire

    And last but not least I'm also doing tutorials on sound design, especially the more cinematic and atmospheric kinda sounds.

    1. How to make a top layer for neurofunk drums
    2. How to make a thunderstorm
    3. How to make EPIC music and strings
    4. Creative sound design with timestretching

    Have fun watching and if you want come take a look at www.artfx-studios.com