13/08/11 - RippeR 1st Birthday Bash @ Bondi Bar, Altrincham - Part 15 - £1/£2


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***** RippeR 1ST BIRTHDAY *************** RippeR 1ST BIRTHDAY *****
***** RippeR 1ST BIRTHDAY *************** RippeR 1ST BIRTHDAY *****

@ Bondi Bar, Altrincham - Saturday 13th August 2011
Entry Fee :- £1 before 10:30pm, £2 there after

Well well well .. NEVER EXPECTED THIS!
A year on and RippeR is still going strong with the birthday being our 15th event!
And as its 15th event we have 15 DJs on the lineup for you :-

Danny Intro B2B Heppsta with Gni MC - 4 decks 2 mixers Drum & Bass
Dash Total'D
Yesi B2B Maynard
Sublow Regiment - Antagonist B2B Deadweight
Fenetik B2B Fearon
Mc Dubbin with Zykklon MC - Dubstep Set
Gatts B2B Fathead - Garage Set
Roofless Farmer - Live
Ganderkat - House set

A special thanx to all those who've supported, we've had a wide range of DJs and MC's from all over the North-West and we couldn't of carried on without the RippeR Regulars. Shouts to Heppsta, Gni and Nick who have been a huge help and Ali Chiswell as it may have never started without him.

- Free Shot for the first 50 people through the door
- Free CDs of live sets from RippeR handed out at the end of the night
- Free giveaways
- A raffle to win various things
- Visuals, lighting laser plus a smoke machine
- BBQ upstairs ( if the weather is right )
- and maybe even a little birthday cake

▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ HiISTORY OF RippeR ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
It started as a one off Birthday celebration for Danny Intro on 28th August 2010 with headlining acts Meecha, Rudi T and Masterpeace. We originally had it upstairs in what was then known as The Flamin Galah, but due to the floor bouncing so much we had to move downstairs!
Mainly playing Drum and Bass and Dubstep within 6 weeks we had 3 events and RippeR was born. . .
We've never tried to be original, we like things simple, we like music and we like to dance, rave and shout while giving up and coming DJ's, producers and MC's a place to showcase what they do EVEN giving some artists their very first time on a stage.

Over the past year we have brought over 40 different acts from as far as Chester and Preston to our little stage in Altrincham including :-
Gloxxy // Silver // WhatsHisFace & Marvz MC // Dash Total'D // Paleman // Heppsta
Wobbie B2B Darka with Eddie P and Frisko // Altered States // Hz B2B Jonny Optimus
Travesty // Mr Bugg // Panick // Turt and many many more

Now appealing to a wider audience with more Alternative Music RippeR will continue to grow while supporting and pushing the artist who grace the stage but giving the ravers of Altrincham somewhere to go..


***This is the 15th event and THE BIRTHDAY so DJ's appearing will be***


Promoters, organisers and ravers at RippeR it seems fair that on this special accotion we have something new to end the night on a high!
Working together over the past few months to make this show worth while the guys can only explain it as 'deadly'. First time showcasing 4 decks and 2 mixers outside of the bedroom head down and witness the sickness.
Along with the main man on the mic our resident Gni MC who brings a totally different vibe to the night with his intelligent and thought provoking lyrics, heres a little clip of what to expect :-

- DASH TOTAL'D - ( Bass Clash Recording )

My favourite DJ and Dubstep producer making his 4th appearance at RippeR, this guy makes serious noise on and off set. Dash has been producing for 7 years and recentley started making moves in Dubstep with many releases through the 'Beatport website' featuring his new alias D2. BUY TRACKS HERE:-
Also dabbling with DnB and Drumstep im sure we'll see the rise of Dash / D2 in years to come. Find some tracks here :-

- YESI B2B MAYNARD - ( Sub-Tech / RippeR )

Anyone who has seen Yesi at RippeR in the past knows he can RIP IT UP, but now with new partner in crime Maynard things could get even worse!!
Both play some heavy jumpup and have a series of mixes online aswell as holding residency at some of the up and coming nights in Manchester with gigs coming up at Just Skank and Dirty Weekender things could get crazy!
Check out some mixes here :-

- SUBLOW REGIMENT - ( Pandemik / Surface Audio )

Antagonist b2b Deadweight have brought the rukus down to Altrincham a few times in the past with hard hitting marching beats and skill behind the decks its hard not to invite these guys back down again.
Still working hard with their night 'Pandemik and in the studio these two hailing from Stalybridge are serious about music. You can see the return of Pandemik in September and find some tracks from Antagonist here:-

- MC DUBBIN with ZYKKLON MC - ( OH MY GOD! / Relapse )

Mc Dubbin and Zykklon have been repping hard at 'Relapse' and 'Oh My God!' events over the past few months and its about time we have them back in Altrincham!! Find music from both of them here :-

- GATTS B2B FATHEAD - ( Birthday Set / RippeR )

Better known as Ben Morgan and Daniel Gates the Sale heads have become regulars to the stage and they absoult smash it! Most recently appearing on RippeR Radio which you can find here :-

- PALEMAN - ( RippeR Début )

Making his second appearance in 3 months and only 18 years old this local Dubstep hero seems set to take on the world with major tracks like 'Halo' and 'Sway'. Be sure to check him out , find his tracks here :-


RippeR regulars, locals and good mates of mine these two are warming in the night with some soulful Drum and Bass.


----------- --------------

Again this will be held in Altrincham at Australian bar ''Bondi''
- with 7 Hours of Bassmusic! from DJs from all around the North-West.

Set times for DJ's on the night will be:-

07:00 - 07:50 - Ganderkat ( House Music )

07:50 - 08:20 - Roofless Farmer ( Live set )

08:20 - 08:50 - Fenetik B2B Fearon ( Warmup DnB session )

08:50 - 09:20 - Paleman ( RippeR Début )

09:45 - 10:15 - Gatts and Fathead ( Bouncy Garage )

10:15 - 10:45 - Mc Dubbin with Zykklon ( Dubstep )

10:45 - 11:30 - Sublow Regiment ( Steppy Drum and Bass )

11:30 - 12:15 - Yesi! B2B Maynard ( Drum & Bass, Jump-up Duo )

12:15 - 01:00 - Dash Total'D ( The Noize is back in town )

01:00 - 02:00 - Heppsta B2B Danny Intro ( 4 decks 2 mixers going down! )

----------- --------------


- Dont forgot we now have a cloakroom cost of £1, located by the door.
(we cant not be held reasonable for your possessions outside of the cloakroom)

- Due to RippeR getting a larger audience at each event there will now be a £1/£2 door charge meaing we can hire in another bouncer to keep you guys safe. Any extra money goes into making the night better experence ie. lighting, sound etc. i really do apologise as id love to keep it a Free event

- Upstairs has now become a chill out area, so even if you want to come with your mates and have a couple of beers you can do. .

- There is also a outdoor decking area upstairs for all you horrible smokers ;)

- Drinks offers include:-

- A BULL ROUND = 3 red bull, 3 vodkas FOR £8.50
- Cheeky V's , God Fathers and many more jugs for like £8
- A Jug of Pimm's for £10
- 4 Pint Pitcher for £10
- 4 Jager-bombs for £10
- 4 Agwa-bombs for £10
- 4 NV-bombs for £10
- 4 Glitter-bombs for £10 or there £3 each
- Sidekick shots for only £1


ALSO DONT FORGET - Sunday to Thursday you can use your COBBER CARD!

Each time you buy a drink, youl get a sticker to put on the card, once you have 6 stickers you get a FREE DRINK!