12th Round Recordings - Free Downloads!!!


12th Round Recordings is a record label that was established in 2003 by Bolton based Producer/DJ/MC Michael Kelly (DJ Deval aka Switch MC) and visual production maestro Jim Dawson (Visual Monkey Productions). The label was focused on discovering, developing and promoting the best new talent emerging from the vibrant northwest Drum & Bass scene.

As our artists have developed, 12th Round Recordings has moved into a new musical era. With the birth of the digital music format (mp3) and plans to develop new labels and projects, I have decided to offer all of 12th Round Recordings back catalogue for free downloads (320 kbs mp3s). The original idea for 12th Round Recordings was to have limited vinyl releases so that the 12" format of our music became much more collectable than commercial. This certainly happened as we discovered when 12THRND004 became bootlegged before we released it.

A number of tunes that weren't released on 12" vinyl were available to purchase from a small number of "mp3 stores", however these contracts came to an end. Instead of letting these productions fade away into the distance (many of them were exclusives remixes and collaborations), I offer these to you for you own personal use, use in your DJ sets (clubs, radios etc) and to enjoy with your friends and colleagues. The one thing I ask is that you do not use these musical productions for any financial gain (as this was never a priority of 12th Round Recordings) and you also fully credit the artist, track name and label each time tunes are listed on all tracklistings.


DJ Deval aka Switch MC