1210s sound problem


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Apr 2, 2012
Hi all,

Iv'e just got my decks back from a house party and after plugging everything in again I am getting no volume out of the right deck. It is really really quiet. All of the connections are plugged in correctly and I have ruled out the carts as I have swapped them and the same thing happens, also at the party we used my mates Ortofon cartridges all night and there was no issue (he was scratching on them). I am thinking it could have something to do with the RCA cables or the tone arm but I'm not sure. It is weird because the sound is coming through both speakers but it's just really quiet.

Any ideas? Has anyone else had the same problem?
checked the grounding cables? also could be the channel on the mixer? try swapping decks on each channel?
Cheers didn't think of the mixer, I'll check when I get in. I didn't take it to the party and it hasn't moved from my desk so if it is that I'll be surprised but it's worth a try.
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