.: 12/5 .UKG+2STEP w/ the 2-Charming Crew .Dirtbox Radio #140 :.

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    .: 12/12 .UKG+2STEP w/ the 2-Charming Crew .Dirtbox Radio #140 :.


    This week we've got the 2-Charming Crew doing a takeover of the show. This'll be their second time - the first was freakin' bangin. Even the jaded junglist crew enjoyed :)

    So yeah, here's the timeslots and such. Not exactly sure if Brother Pinch will be making it out, but we'll swing it somehow. Make sure to stick around for my set, I just bought an assload of records!

    07-08pm EST - Ricky Ricardo
    08-09pm EST - Light Touch
    09-10pm EST - Joe Nice
    10-11pm EST - Brother Pinch
    11-??am EST - Afterhours w/ ODJ


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    Word up. See you cats tonight for something a lil different.

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