12/10/04 coup de tat : milwaukee, WI

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    Was NY now WI
    - presented by Coup De Tat
    Experience some of the hardest, roughest and most psycotic Drum N Bass/Jungle that the movement has to offer. Feel the shock and awe attack as the coup errupts in Milwaukee, WI and travels worldwide freeing minds and
    destroying popularity. This isn't the prom, this is the fucking Revolution. So stand up for what you want redardless of your status amongst the class system of society and join the Coup De Tat.
    December 10th 2004 from 9pm til 2 am

    Location :
    1101 N. Old World Street
    Milwaukee, WI 53203

    21 and over
    $10 at the door

    Venue Confirmed and guaranteed
    For more information contact me at coupdetatcrew@yahoo.com