12.05.03 Ziion:: D&B Roots&Culture ::Village Warrior.Deinfamous.Winterman.U-Turn.DC!!

12.05.03 Ziion:: D&B Roots&Culture ::Village Warrior.Deinfamous.Winterman.U-Turn.DC!!

[Zi-On]: An idealized, harmonious community; utopia. We seek to create a haven, unlike any other for Drum & Bass culture. Representing D&B every Friday to the fullest, on the main floor, we seek to bring highly original and new sounds to the DC scene. Representing especially urban culture, we focus on Mashup, Ragga, Hardstep, and Jungle sounds.
SANKOFA was the first stage, covering old school & the foundation of Drum & Bass, now its time for the second level, bringing you not only roots & culture, but the 1997-2000 golden era tunes that made Drum & Bass/Jungle what it is today.

Club U-Turn's sound will be upgraded for the night, providing body moving bass. Sound system equipment provided by Killa Fonz & The Winternett Kru. The newly renovated lower floor of Club U-Turn is slated to open in Mid-December to provide party attendees more space in the chillout/downstairs lounge.

This is a main floor all Drum & Bass event, featuring upgraded sound, a huge video screen that will host local video productions and DVD movies. This party is run by a developing DC Drum & Bass label, every week you will hear the best our residents have to offer and brand new productions and sets that are based on crowd reaction as well as quality. A full bar serving only those 21 and up.. 18+ and up are permitted to enter, but not allowed to drink.

Before you come to the party, check out our latest productions & info about the party at [http://www.winternett.com] the best source for info about Ziion. Ez..>See You @ Ziion.


::FRIDAY December 5th, 2003::

Village Warrior [ Winternett Kru / SANKOFA / ZIION / DC] - Open your ears to the selections of this hardstep soldier. If you like it ruff, you're gonna get rough back. Playing tunes from the Golden Era of D&B, Village warrior is a vital force in D&B support for the crew, Also get ready for the remix of "This Love Of Mine" to rock out the Ziion Sound System... http://www.winternett.com .Devistation!///

Winterman [ Winternett Kru / SANKOFA / ZIION / DC]- It aint over, its just begun. This week mighty tunes in store from Capital City and abroad, as we cane the latest releases, inside the ride will also be new & exxxclusive tunes by the Winternett Kru of course, as we pump the sound system to level four, anything over that would really mash the place..... truss me. Big tings in store tonight as we go to level II at Ziion!....http://www.winternett.com .Heal Up Wheel Up Bring It Back Come Rewind!///

Deinfamous [The Syndicate / Incognito / DCDNB ] - The deck masher returns, as we bring the tunes harder than before. Always up on his selections and mixing, De will keep the party rocking to the apex with his deep selections in rollin bassline, and tearout rhythms..Prop Prop!///

MC Kenyatta [ Winternett Kru / SANKOFA / ZIION / DC] - Hip-Hop lyrics like whut. Its time for Kenyatta to step up to the mic and show her talents and culture, Bringing her unique flow to the mic, she has wowed crowds from Internet Radio to Legion Of Dance Field Parties. Definitely something you've never heard before. http://www.winternett.com . Ouch!///

MC Los [doubleedgeandlos.com / Winternett Kru / SANKOFA / ZIION / MD] - An experienced wordsmith in the D&B lyrical plane, as well as a talented producer of D&B tunes that are just beginning to emerge. Get ready for the wickedness this MC provides as the mic gets hot. Check the MC Los as he glides through lyrics and sets the crowd on fire, figuratively. http://www.doubleedgeandlos.com . Straight Out Da Jungle!///