11x Drum N Bass CD Compilations Collection mostly unmixed/DJ Friendly!

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    Just popped up this bundle of Drum N bass Compilations on Ebay with free shipping!


    Still a while to go on it, but figured i'd give everyone a heads up

    Advanced - Sektors 1,2 and 3 (Full Length Versions)
    XXX The Making of (Full Length Versions)
    Audioworks Vol4 (Full Length Versions)
    FUZE 1 - Beyond Voltage (Mixed)
    FUZE 2 - Twisted Soundscapes (CD1 Full Length Versions, CD2 Mixed)
    FUZE - Beyond Voltage 3 (Mixed)
    Audioworks Total Science (Full Length Versions)
    Contagious DnB 3 (Mixed)
    Contagious DnB 4 (Full Length Versions)
    Class A Cutz - A Taste.. (Big Big/DnB) (Full Length Versions)
    Class A Cutz - Narcotix Lounge 2 (downtempo/Chillout/DnB) (Full Length Versions)