11/20/05 LosAngelesMusicExperience feat. Friction, Freaky Flow, R.A.W. and many more!


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From 2pm to 2am Sunday Nov. 20th. Thats right, All day AND all night!! Come check out one of the most memorable shows to date featuring both house AND drum and bass. To good to be true you say?? Thats not all folks. There will also be live performers featuring a VERY special surprise guest! Last but definately not least, dont miss out on LA's finest females. The only 2 no doubt! Dj EVA who tears it up relentlessly with her funky breaks and the ill sounds of garage, and ME! MissTNA. Not only with my wicked crazy performance, but also with my crazy systematic choices of dnb sound will I guarantee you to crave and want more. I hope to see you all there and remember : This is all about you! For the people by the people. Respect

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