106.4FM 2nite@12mid-DJ Class-A &guest mix -DJ Vyper(UK)

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    Apr 9, 2005
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    After a few weeks needed break from being at innovation, recovering and moving house, the E.S.P. show is back to business this week.

    For the 1st half of the show I'll be kickin off with a varied mix of old & new, starting off on the lighter tip & moving into a heavier selection. Expect to hear tracks from Contour, Syncopix, SKC & Chris Su, Vital Elements, DJ Hype, Sin & Muffler, Dr. Def (Sparfunk), State of Mind, Vicious Circle and N Phect & Dizplay to name a few.

    Then I have a guest mix featuring a heavy & dark selection from DJ Vyper (Leet Radio, UK).

    I dont have a tracklisting but this mix is bangin to say the least! Check it out tonight at 12 midnight on Radio Na Life 106.4FM in Dublin & surrounding areas and worldwide on the net @ http://homepages.iol.ie/~rnl102/fuaim.html