Drum & Bass 10 years of Exit Records


I did a little mix a while back when Exit did their 10 years bash. Just a collection of Exit from over the years...

check it out...




Last Straw (feat Steve Spacek) - D Bridge
Hot Flush - D Bridge, Commix, Calibre
Creatures Of Habit - D Bridge
Odesa - D Bridge vs Artificial Intelligence
Happy 5 - Dub Phizix, Skittles
Insignia - Spectrasoul
Freedom Club - D Bridge
Innervision - Loxy & Resound
Peach Fuzz - System
5th Floor - Dbridge
8 New Cons - Calibre
Justice Over Law - Genotype
Labryinth - D Bridge vs Concorde Dawn
Response Call - Code 3
Observation Point - System
I'm A Creator - Dub Phizix, Skittles
Thin Ice - Loxy & Resound
Another World - Skeptical
Marka (feat Strategy) - Dub Phizix, Skeptical
Untorn U - dBridge
Inner Disbelief - Dbridge
You Look Better Dead (feat Rani) - Amit
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I'll have a slice of this

Should really recognise a lot of the older Exit Recs, but I don't from the tracklist. Larvly start, summery vibes & really like the womb in that first tune. Quite a contrast from the melody in there. Nice hearing Creature Of Habit in there, forgot how good that tune is. Odessa came in slightly off structure to a standard 32 bar section, but was in time. The bounce of Happy 5 brought a more new school flavour and contrast the the rolling beats of Odessa, maybe keep the mix in for a bit longer as that mix had a fair bit of feeling. There is a Spectrasoul tune after Happy 5 which worked a treat with that Dub Phizix bit, missing from the tracklist. Not heard Freedom Club, which is quite menacing in parts, sitting well with the previous tune. The bouncy step in both Freedom Club & Innervision work SO well, if just for a brief blend. Fav mix so far :) Peach Fuzz is after Innervision, not in the tracklist, and takes a fair while to appear, almost towards the tail end of the second half of Innervision. 5th Floor isn't in the tracklist either, switch in there. Really nice hearing Justice Over Law in a mix again.... love that string melody in that, such a beast of a tune. Gonna have to dig that out for some spins soon :) The rolling beats in Labyrinth complimented JOL well, just would have liked to heard the mix stay in for another 32 bars. Response Call came in rather punchy after Labyrinth left the ride, Response Call - Observation Point was wicked. Always enjoy hearing Thin Ice, as its my favourite of that LP :) sat extremely well with Another World too (fav off Mosaic pt 1). Would have liked to hear the Another World - Marka mix stay in for longer. Not heard a mix with Untorn U in it, switch from Marka. Missed Inner Disbelief out the tracklist and slight vocal clash with You Look Better Dead.

Ended up being pretty much a podcast with eased switches between the majority of the tunes, but blended really well. Would have been nice to hear how some of those combinations sat after the drop, but didn't get the chance to hear what they sounded like together. Did really enjoy the mix, the selection of tunes and the blends.

Try keeping the mix in for a little longer, like 2 loops of 32 bars instead of 1 loop of 32 bars, also try to use less switched mixes and mix the tunes for longer after the drop. Bring the tunes in sooner rather than letting tunes get near the end / winding down, as it brings the energy of the mix down. Also if you are using a crossfadar on the mixer, set the fadar to the option where it is louder in the mix when both tunes are playing and not the symbol that looks like >< as tunes seemed to increase in volume when they leave the mix, to just 1 tune playing.

My new mix should be dropping in the next week or so. Would be wicked if you could have a listen to it and drop some thoughts
Thanks for the comments man. Really appreciate it. Yeah I got the feeling that i didnt leave the mix in for long enough. Recognised it after I heard it first time!

Still new to mixing so im learning all the way! Thanks again for thoughts.

Will edit that tracklist though, can't believe i missed that many out! Cheers

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