DnB '10 Years Of Dispatch' UK/European Tour


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Dec 2, 2009

In the last decade the Leeds based label Dispatch Recordings has seen releases from the likes of Break, Marcus Intalex, Nymfo, Survival and Artifical Intelligence to name but a few. Dispatch has a built up a reputation of delivering the highest quality drum & bass with much of the material released looked upon as an essential part of any DJ's collection. The man behind the label is none other than label boss TC1 who has been responsible for steering the good ship Dispatch from day one and it is a testiment to his A&R skills that the label has reached this epic mile stone. In a strange twist of bizarre fate Dispatch Recordings release number 50 also represents a whopping 10 years that the label has been doing what it does. so we thought we'd celebrate with a bigger release than usual so here we present a great big EP that we feel encompasses the sound of Dispatch. As with most of the Disptach releases it has the full support from all the major players with the likes of Break, Marky, Artificial Intelligence, Cern, Icicle, Youngsta, Kasra, Nymfo, Chris SU, Stray, Total Science, Survival and Dabs.

To celebrate Dispatch's 10th birthday and the EP, TC1 and the guys are hitting the road on tour.

Haven't heard the '10 Years Of Dispatch' EP yet? Click on the logo below!

Please choose from the artists below to create YOUR ultimate Dispatch Recordings line up!

Zero T, Ant TC1, Octane & DLR, Hydro, Spinline, Survival, Skeptical, Script and Mindscape.

DATES ARE AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW! To book a tour date please contact either tom@gramagency.co.uk or dave@gramagency.co.uk


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Jun 3, 2008
got this at wire in Leeds, it was fucking amazing, tempted to say it was better than shogun at cable.
biggup to Onset as well, did a massive set
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