10 min mini mix... Enjoy... :)

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    Quick fix of Filthy Dubstep....
    Just a little taste of what's to come......
    A full studio mix is on it's way, this is just
    something we put together for Sound Summit

    The Abyss Minimix August 09


    Boot - Blackmail (Dub)
    Sook - Season of the Mist (Betamorph Dub)
    Boot - Intifada (Subterfuge Dub)
    Sook - End of Time (Rottun Recordings)
    Boot - Sunset On Mars (Betamorph Dub)
    Sook - Stop! (Dub)
    Secateur - Metalizer (Boot RMX) (Digital Mixdown)
    Sook - Peregruzka (Dub)
    The Abyss - Trash Register (Betamorph Dub)

    The Abyss


    A little bio - -

    The Abyss - Boot [Syd] & Sook [Rottun Records / Syd]

    The Abyss write music because they have to,
    they seriously wouldn't know what to do with themselves
    if they didn't. No similes, allegories or waffling flowery
    statements are needed to describe the sound: Badass
    teched out take your pants off dancefloor punk filth plain
    and simple!

    The majority of their sets are made of their own blend
    of dubstep and drum'n'bass, influenced by everything from
    Konflict to Mike Patton, Excision to King Crimson, Parliament
    to Propagandhi, The LHC to the Crab Nebula and back out
    the otherside and up the street for another bottle of vodka.

    Boot & Sook have had DJ and Radio support from artists
    such as Excision, Garage Pressure, Sub Bass Snarl, Twisted,
    Dank Dealz, Phaded, Datsik, Droid Sector, Typecell, Sick Cycle,
    Innasekt, Suspect, Vaski, Paranoise and Current Value.

    The boys have Supported the likes of Reso, Seven, Balkansky,
    Gravious, Garage Pressure, Calyx & Teebee, Phace, Misanthrop,
    Raiden, Spor, Ewun, Gridlok, Storm, Temper D, Impact,
    Dose, C4C, Telemetrik and have been regulars at many
    events/riots/paddywagons around Sydney including the infamous
    DSS Warehouse parties, Void, Grounded, No Frills parties,
    Konkrete Jungle, DNBBQ, Suck It Up, MITC, Greenbeats and Inhale.

    Strap on your moonboots, it's time to spacewalk.

    Any bookings or questions for The Abyss can now be directed to