.: 1/9 .Dirtbox Radio #144 .DJ Lantern & Daniella Downs @ Breaks Nite VI :.

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    What's up y'all. Tonight will be our sixth Breaks Nite special, and this time we've got DJ Lantern and Daniella Downs reppin' the "dnb on 33" massif.

    Don't worry tho, there will be some drum 'n' bass as well, with ODJ starting off the show, and Portland's own Mr. Hai hoppin' in for a special guest appearance. Who knows, we might even have some more cats roll thru this week.

    And here are the timeslots, as they exist currently:

    07-08:30pm EST - ODJ [DNB]
    08:30-11:30pm EST - DJ Lantern & Daniella Downs [Breaks (and maybe some DNB ;) ) ]
    11:30-??am EST - Afterhours w/ ODJ, Mr. Hai, and more(?)


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    So yea, y'all cats tune in this week, y'hear?!?