.: 1/30 .Dirtbox Radio #147 .NIH Massive .Ransom, Glitchwillis, SeaBass, ODJ :.

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    Just in case you thought NIH was staffed by a buncha nerds... you were wrong! Junglists work there too... and we swear we're not nerds. No, seriously, we're not. Really.

    07:00-08:15pm EST - Ransom
    08:15-09:30pm EST - Glitchwillis
    09:30-10:45pm EST - SeaBass
    10:45-12:00am EST - ODJ

    Sad to say, but this week begins the end of Afterhours. Gotta start being responsible and all that good shit, and actually waking up for work on time. Rest assured, any time I've got Monday off will be cause for celebration :)


    128k Audio @ Destroyer.net
    64k Audio @ Jungletrain.net
    24k Audio @ Jungletrain.net

    IRC Chat @ Jungletrain.net
    IRC Chat @ Destroyer.net

    Dirtbox Webcam

    AIM = DirtboxRadio

    If you're hungry for some ch00ns in the meantime, tune into Jungletrain.net or Destroyer.net and check out the other bangin' live shows and jukeboxes - or head over to the Dirtbox archives page to stream or download recordings our past sets.

    Oh, and just in case you don't have a clue what the NIH is, click here