08-10-04 Planet Jungle @ Azijnfabriek - NIGHTWALKER(UK)

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    FRIDAY OCTOBER 08TH 2004 - START: 21:00 HOUR - 6 EUR
    Planet jungle @ Azijnfabriek, zwartbroekstraat 17, Roermond, The Netherlands
    For reservations you can call the Azijnfabriek at +31(0)475333976 (during office hours)
    -NIGHTWALKER (true playaz, timeless, grid, uk)
    -MISS REPRESENTS (junglistic-sistaz, miss represent.com, uk)

    residents: ROLY - KNEPPAH - ZKYA - MC A-LIAN (planet jungle, nl)
    Visuals by: STIIHL
    Brought to you by Planet Jungle & Azijnfabriek

    This time we got the young dj and a blinding producer, NIGHTWALKER behind the decks. Supported by no-one less than DJ HYPE, TRACE, ANDY C and other players in the scene,
    NIGHTWALKER is the most talked about newcomer to drum ‘n bass since PENDULUM! With his mental hectic dancefloor driven tunes he turns every rule that applies to drum n bass as his tunes are a hard blend of techno and his trademarked switches. He signed tunes to labels such as:
    GAIN, SIGNAL, DJ TRACE'S DSCI4 imprint, TWISTED INDIVIDUAL'S GRID-label and TRUE PLAYAZ, ran by no-one other than DJ HYPE! With dubplate-support of ANDY C, FRESH, TRACE, HYPE, RESONANT EVIL and many, many others... And tunes behind his name such as the smasher CRAZYHEAD, It is not really a surprise this dj/producer plays all over the globe... And is in every dj’s recordbox... His dark trademarked jump-up moves every feet, anytime and everywhere! It is time to flip the scripts, and let some fresh blood drip into the planet they call jungle.

    As usual the residents ROLY, KNEPPAH (and ZKYA our newcomer to the planet jungle crew) will warm you up.. This whole night will be hosted by the one and only MC A-LIAN. And last but not least, we have to thank REZZ once again 4 the "dope" flyer.

    Venue website: http://www.azijnfabriek.nl
    For info and dj/mc bookings contact: PlanetJungle@Hotmail.com