08/07/2006 PLANET JUNGLE @ Azijnfabriek, Roermond - Nymfo

SATURDAY JULI 8TH 2005 - START: 21:00 HOUR - 5 EUR (after 22.00 hour)
Planet Jungle @ Azijnfabriek, Zwartbroekstraat 17, Roermond, The Netherlands
For reservations you can call the Azijnfabriek at +31(0)475333976 (during office hours)

-NYMFO (Red Zone, best dj 2004)
-MC JAY (Red Zone, best mc 2003 & 2004)

residents: ROLY - KNEPPAH - ZKYÁ - JUNG'LIN (Planet Jungle)
Visuals by: IQ-VISUALS (Planet Jungle, Night Off The Golem)
Brought to you by Planet Jungle, Red zone & Azijnfabriek

For the thirth time we're inviting one off Netherlands best drum 'n bass DJ and MC from the Redzone crew. Who took home the nr.1 award at the drum n bass awards 2004.
DJ NYMFO joined the Red zone crew when he was 17 years old. His style can be described as running! Lots of new bits mixed up with older favourites of his. Not comprimising to popular styles, the bassline has his preference always. With tight mixing and uptempo changes in vibes, you can hear a bit of everything, and all good!

The residents ROLY, KNEPPAH, ZKYÁ and JUNG'LIN will begin the night, then DJ NYMFO will be taking you into the depths of the Red Zone sound till in the early morning.
And once again where having MC JAY on the mic, who took home (for a second time in a row) the nr 1. award for best MC. And last but not least, we have to thank REZZ once again 4 the "dope" flyer.

Venue website: http://www.azijnfabriek.nl
Red zone: http://www.redzoneheadquarters.com
Planet Jungle: http://www.myspace.com/planetjungle
For info and dj/mc bookings contact: PlanetJungle@Hotmail.com