'07 neuro style tune


i fukin wot m8
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Fucking nailed it man. The vibe, the arrangement, the bass felt exactly like a Psycho tune. Awesome FX (where did you find those lol?) and a good beat, but im not a fan of the snare, something more like a bhkludwig would sound a lot better imo.
Also theres a lot of highpassing the break in the intro, but imo i think you did a bit too much. I was thinking a highhat/shaker loop for the first qtr of the intro, then the highpass thing your already have, and then for the last qtr of the intro bring it back to a highhat/shaker loop.
And then for the two bars before the drum roll, volume automate the break up (but back to nothing when the drum roll starts. Just an idea.
Doing that, imo, would make it perfect. Youve done an awesome job man, its a sound no tunes have anymore big up (y)