03/03/06 Planet Jungle @ Azijnfabriek, Roermond (THE NETHERLANDS)

FRIDAY MARCH 03TH 2006 - START: 21:00 HOUR - 5 EUR
Planet Jungle @ Azijnfabriek, Zwartbroekstraat 17, Roermond, The Netherlands
For reservations you can call the Azijnfabriek at +31(0)475333976 (during office hours)

-SUWU3 (No-Dex (NL)
residents: ROLY - KNEPPAH - ZKYÁ (Planet Jungle (NL)
Visuals by: IQ-Visuals (Planet Jungle, Night of the Golem (NL)
Brought to you by Planet Jungle & Azijnfabriek

PhoneHome started making live DnB in 2001. Tight drums, vintage synths, wicked basslines and a lot of "hoovers" dominate their sound. They combine many DnB-styles in their sound, along with lots of psychedelic vibes.
Just recently PhoneHome joined forces with MC Quest One (UK) and DJ Lombok (Dreadlock Pussy, NL). In november 2004 they started making new recordings with these new members. They played gigs at Factory of Breakz (Perron 55, Venlo) HaagenBasz (Paard van Troje, Den Haag), Structure (Tivoli, Utrecht) Apocalypse (Fenix, Sittard) Planet Jungle (Azijnfabriek, Roermond) and Uitmarkt (Amsterdam) and also played as a support-act for the Ozric Tentacles (UK).

SUWU3 is a creative collective that makes live Drum'n'Bass with an energetic groove and interactive visuals. Technological developments combined with the different backgrounds of the members form the biggest inspirationsource. In the middle of 2004 SUWU3 has set up a new live set, in which lucid visuals with recognizable topics and especially humour play an important role. This whole of rhythmic video sequences and a firm portion of Drum'n'Bass helped them break through to the final of the 'Grote Prijs' of the Netherlands and to win the audience award in Paradiso.

The residents ROLY, KNEPPAH and ZKYA will warm you up. The artwork is done by REZZ as usual.