02 Mar, 2007 - The Pond - Urban Enigma and David Shichman

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    The Pond is a weekly Drum and Bass radio show heard Friday nights @ 7pm EST (GMT -5) on jungletrain.net.

    Urban Enigma will be starting the night off with plenty of unreleased material leaning towards the liquid side of things. Also up in the studio, David Shichman will continue your journey into another world of chill and beyond.

    Urban Enigma
    Urban Enigma, aka Dire Affectionate, represents NexGen Records UK/NYC and Affectionate Grooves NYC.

    David Shichman
    Resident of NYC's legendary DnB weekly, Direct Drive, David Shichman also holds it down for Driven AM.

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    stereo audio + video

    Check the following links for software to watch the video stream...
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