02.09.-09.09.06: SUNANDBASS @ San Teodoro / Sardinia (Italy)

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Good things will last and we´re proud to finally announce the following:
the next edition of SUNANDBASS will take place on the beautiful island of "Sardinia" (Italy) from September 2nd to September 9th 2006!

For the third time the international Drum´n´Bass scene meets up at the breath-taking landscape of San Teodoro, a small, charming village located by a Nature Reserve on the East Coast of the mediterranean Island "Sardinia". Participants from all over the world will enjoy a whole week of unforgettable summer holidays at the beautiful sand beach "La Cinta", which is surrounded by crystal clear water and has mind-blowing 4 kilometers of length.
The relaxed atmosphere of this unique festival attracted visitors from more than 20 countries in the past years and each and everybody easily became a part of the big SUNANDBASS family. This is where DJs, MCs and Junglists from all over the world connect on a truly different level!
Well-established Artists from all over Europe are actively supporting this unique and innovative concept and more than 30 DJ´s and MC´s will be playing our noted SUNANDBASS club nights in selected venues. The "Ambra Night" Club has already won the hearts of last years´ followers with its unique and exceptional mediterranean flavour - it is situated directly by the sea, so that you can party next to the beach until the sun rises!

During the days numerous sports and leisure activities are offered in the surrounding area and if you don´t like to swim, walk, explore, climb, dive, snorkel or surf you will love our afternoon sessions on the beach, where our artists will play surprise sets while you chill out in the crystal clear water...

Accommodation facilities in San Teodoro include Camping, small Hotels and Apartments in different sizes and several Airlines and numerous ferry lines access Sardinia daily. To sort out your personal travel and accommodation details please visit our homepage www.sunandbass.net, where you will find useful information on any behalf.

Date: 2/September/2006 - 09/September/2006
Location: San Teodoro, Sardinia (Italy)
Price: 119,-

contact: www.sunandbass.net


New Member
Hey Dudes & Dudettes,

the website www.sunandbass.net has officially been pimped!
You´ll find even more useful information and a new SUNANDBASS message
board, where you can ask questions, hook up with friends, share car seats, look
for holiday home partners, search for rooms and so on... the highly in demand
tickets will be available from August 8th!

Sunny greets, your SUNANDBASS crew