0=0 - Reflux/Running

Any fan of 95 mashed up breaks (excuse the pun) is going to lap this up like nobodies business. The drums follow an interesting pathway in and out of coherency while still grooving away with the bass in a pleasing fashion. The basslines are obviously hewn from fresh igneous rock from the bowels of the earth and are a direct threat to global soundsystems and digestive systems alike. Reflux has some nice melodic flourishes which surf the tsunami of beats rather well. These tunes must have taken some serious time to come up with as the drum programming is that detailed, rarely if ever repeating itself instead doubling back and tieing itself in knots.

The b-side has got hands in the air written all over it as a female vocal fits itself nicely over the top of the mayhem below. Reviewing this tune has really tested the amount of adjectives that I can apply to one thing so I'll leave with this final sentence. Breaktabulous tings from the unpronouncable one.
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