● Introducing: Nu Venture Records ●


DnB/Dubstep Record Label!
Jan 19, 2012
Essex / Suffolk, UK
Hi we are Nu Venture Records and we are new to the DnB Forums. We are a Drum & Bass and Dubstep Record Label, we also venture into the realms of other Bass Music such as 2 Step, Minimal and Future Garage.

Based in the South East of England, Nu Venture Records was formed after hearing a fresh wave of high quality Drum & Bass / Dubstep producers. Upon finding all this hidden talent we aim to sign and promote new and upcoming artists to make their work more readily accessible and get the credit they deserve.

On the 26th of January we released our first single NVR001: Macca - Love is Tender / Hosta DnB Remix and are now preparing for the release of NVR002: "Three20 - I Can't Stand It EP", which is out on 20th February. Both of which you can listen to below:

We also have have a series of Free Downloads, which you can check out at the bottom of this post, a BIG new Free to Download EP coming in March, between NVR002 and NVR003. You can also listen to a number of NVR guest mixes and ongoing sessions of Vital FM / DnB & Dubstep, you can find these on our SoundCloud & Youtube pages.

● OUT NOW!!! NVR001: Macca - Love is Tender / Hosta DnB Remix ●

- Buy Links:

[Beatport] http://www.beatport.com/release/love-is-tender/857407
[itunes] http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/love-is-tender-single/id492137044
[Juno] http://www.junodownload.com/products/love-is-tender/1898491-02/
[TrackitDown] http://www.trackitdown.net/recordlabel/129531/nu-venture-records.html

- (A) NVR001: Macca - Love is Tender (Original Mix)

- (B) NVR001: Macca - Love is Tender (Hosta Remix)

(A) Macca - Love is Tender
(B) Macca - Love is Tender (Hosta Drum & Bass Remix)

OUT NOW!!! Available from all good download stores including; itunes, Beatport, Juno, TrackItDown, Amazon and many more...

● NVR002: "Three20 - I Can't Stand It EP" > Track Listing: ●

(A) Three20 - I Can't Stand It
(B) Three20 - Can't Fight The Feeling
(C) Three20 - Lottie's My Sunshine
(D) Three20 - Free Your Mind

OUT on the 20th February and will be available to download from all good stores including; itunes, Beatport, Juno, TrackitDown, Amazon, HMV and many more...

Both releases receiving massive support from the BassDrive crew, including: Komatic, DFunk, DJ Amesty, DJ Cell, the Different Drumz crew & more...

● NVRFREE: Nu Venture Records Free Downloads ●


- Follow Nu Venture Records here:



Released by: Nu Venture Records
Release/catalogue number: NVR001
Release date: Jan 26, 2012


Released by: Nu Venture Records
Release/catalogue number: NVR002
Release date: Feb 20, 2012
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