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Jan 19, 2012
Essex / Suffolk, UK

► SND - Forbidden EP [NVR023: OUT NOW!] ◄
● 3 x Minimal DnB! | Listen here:

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NVR023: SND - Forbidden EP, is OUT NOW & available to purchase from all good download stores. Including; Beatport, iTunes, Bandcamp, Juno, TrackItDown, Amazon, Google Play & more. Also available on streaming services; Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, Beatport and more. Go to the NVR Bandcamp page to get this release + FREE BONUS track and Release Mix for ONLY £1.99! Our full back catalogue is also available up to 60% cheaper than Beatport, iTunes & all other stores! (

► SND - Forbidden EP: Release Mix [NVR023: OUT NOW!]:

► SND Feat. Holly Drummond - Forbidden [NVR023: OUT NOW!]:

► SND - Waterfalls [NVR023: OUT NOW!]:

► SND - Where Are You Now [NVR023: OUT NOW!]:

The 23rd installment from Nu Venture Records sees us welcome back Russian Drum & Bass producer SND. Having previously featured his track Everything on our Nu Dawan EP at the end of last year he now returns for an individual release with his 3 track EP Forbidden.

► NVR023 Track listing:
A) SND Feat. Holly Drummond - Forbidden
B) SND - Where Are You Now
C) SND - Waterfalls

A) SND Feat. Holly Drummond - Forbidden:
SND opens the EP with the title track Forbidden, a collaboration with British vocalist Holly Drummond, who is no stranger to Nu Venture Records. The intro leads with Holly's soft and soothing melodic vocals, tranquil pads and powerful drums, before dropping a warm and expansive bassline, allowing you to sit back relax and unwind to this down tempo vocal Drum & Bass masterpiece.

B) SND - Where Are You Now:
Having previously featured as a release only exclusive on Nu Venture Records Quadrify compilation, Where Are You Now has now become individually available as part of SND's Forbidden EP. This is a mellow and subdued minimal Drum & Bass track featuring; mysterious and murky pads, prevalent high hats combined with a deep and dramatic bass line and alluring female vocals, to finish this timeless composition.

C) SND - Waterfalls:
For the EP finale SND presents us with his third track Waterfalls. Continuing the minimalistic feel of the EP this is a downtempo Drum & Bass track consisting of sharp drums, a deep and consuming bassline all expertly crafted together with mysterious pads, enchanting melodies and atmospheric vocal enhancements to create a real sense of wonder to complete this track and EP.

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