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● NVR008: Rameses B - Stones / Follow Me [OUT NOW!] ●
● Liquid DnB / Future Garage | Featured Vocalists: Holly Drummond & Timmy Booth ●

NVR008: Rameses B - Stones / Follow Me is OUT NOW and available to purchase from all good download stores including; Beatport, iTunes, TrackItDown, Juno, Amazon, Bandcamp & more.

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[Bandcamp] http://bit.ly/11NOsyU (£1.49)
[Beatport] http://btprt.dj/10BYW1S (£2.60)
[iTunes] http://bit.ly/12Kav8M (£1.79)
[Juno] http://bit.ly/10dYSFD (£2.29)
[TrackitDown] http://bit.ly/RfrsUD (£2.98)

► Track Listing for > NVR008: Rameses B - Stones / Follow Me:​

► (A) Rameses B Feat. Holly Drummond - Stones:

► (B) Rameses B Feat. Timmy Booth - Follow Me:

► (A) Rameses B Feat. Holly Drummond - Stones: [LIQUID DRUM & BASS]
Stones is a vocal Liquid Drum & Bass track that was previously known as Solstice. It became known as Stones when Nu Venture Records reunited a winning partnership by recruiting the vocal services of Holly Drummond, a singer songwriter, from Scotland, UK. The intro combines enigmatic soundscapes with Holly’s captivating vocals, distant drums and an intense teasing kick, all acting as a tension building appetizer that leaves the listener craving the drop. From here the refined upbeat drums, deep unified bass and an intricate use of feel good synths, working together in impeccable fashion to complete this atmospheric enhancer! Perfect melodic material for any occasion, whether it be the dance floor or an easy listening environment.

► (B) Rameses B Feat. Timmy Booth - Follow Me: [FUTURE GARAGE]
Follow Me is a mellow but timeless song that sees the first non Drum & Bass or Dubstep release from Nu Venture Records, but instead their opening imprint on the Future Garage genre. Rameses blends together delicate soothing drums, tranquil highs and a warm soothing bass line, whilst sampling emotive vocals from local indie producer / singer song writer, Timmy Booth, to give the B side real feel and emotion. Ideal for those relaxing chilled moments and long summer evenings.

► Rameses B Biography:

Rameses B, from Leeds, UK, is an Electronic Dance Music Producer, specializing in uplifting and melodic sounds across the Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Electro, Trance and Chillout genres. With a degree in Creative Music & Sound Technology, Rameses has vast experience with audio & it's applications, even stepping out of his known field of EDM, to include sound for the moving image. He is also a self-taught pianist and has been a musical artist and producer since 2003, investing much time to experiment with various styles of music ranging from Electronic, Dance to Cinematic and is constantly developing his musical ideas to progress his inventive techniques. Combining different elements of his many influences to contribute towards his unique and innovative production style, which has inevitably lead to a series of successful releases, a true testament to the exceptional production standards Rameses is capable of.

As well as his forthcoming release on Nu Venture Records you will also find his previous releases on labels such as: Liquicity, Monstercat Media, DNBR, Seeking Blue, Inertia, Spun Records and more.

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Released by: Nu Venture Records
Release/catalogue number: NVR008
Release date: May 6, 2013

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