► Limitless - Her Spirit | Broken Soul ◄ [Chillstep / Melodic Dubstep - OUT NOW!]


DnB/Dubstep Record Label!
Jan 19, 2012
Essex / Suffolk, UK

Limitless - My Mind EP [Chillstep / Melodic Dubstep!] ◄
● NVR014: Dreamscape | Her Spirit | Broken Soul ●

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Limitless - Her Spirit [NVR014: My Mind EP - OUT NOW!]:

Limitless - Broken Soul [NVR014: My Mind EP - OUT NOW!]:

► Limitless - My Mind EP: Release Preview Mix [NVR014: My Mind EP - OUT NOW!]:

Limitless - Dreamscape [NVR014: My Mind EP - OUT NOW!]:

NVR014: Limitless – My Mind EP is OUT NOW and available to purchase from all good download stores including; Beatport, iTunes, Bandcamp, TrackItDown, Juno, Amazon & more. Also available on streaming services Spotify, Apple Music & Beatport. Go to the Nu Venture Records Bandcamp page to get this release up to 45% cheaper than other stores & our Full back catalogue up to 60% cheaper than Beatport & iTunes! (www.nuventurerecords.bandcamp.com)

► NVR014: My Mind EP: [PLAYLIST] bit.ly/NVR014
A) Limitless - Dreamscape [DRUM & BASS] bit.ly/1FlYwbA
B) Limitless - Her Spirit [CHILLSTEP] bit.ly/1KSQfux
C) Limitless - Broken Soul [CHILLSTEP] bit.ly/1OyxsZo

For NVR014 Nu Venture Records present the debut individual artist EP, My Mind, from Limitless. The EP commences with Dreamscape a relaxing upbeat Liquid Drum & Bass track. We then see a drop in the bpm count with 2 very mellow & ambient Chillstep tracks. Her Spirit enriches the release with its warm and soothing feel, while Broken soul completes the EP with the deeper & more atmospheric side of Dubstep.

► Download the PRESS RELEASE for NVR014: Limitless - My Mind EP:

► (A) Dreamscape:
Opening the EP is Dreamscape a Liquid Drum & Bass track inducing some real feel good emotions. Limitless achieves this through the addition of light and airy melodies, upbeat leads & complimenting enchancers. Combined with a warm bass line and floating piano keys he creates a sense of tranquillity from the intro to the final string note. Pure Liquid goodness from Limitless, relaxing & smooth, yet surprising easily to move to.

► (B) Her Spirit:
Her Spirit is a Chillstep track contributing a sentimental and symbolic feel to the EP, reminiscing on happy memories gone by. Drawing inspiration from various styles Limitless delivers with an enchanting vocal sample and a deep expansive bass line. Evocative melodic synths and soothing strings all merge to enhance this emotional and nostalgic masterpiece.

► (C) Broken Soul:
Broken Soul is a experimental journey for Limitless with this being his first Chillstep track. Despite this he still manages to take creativity the same from his Drum & Bass productions and expertly apply it the new genre, a true testament to the diversity of this producers abilities. This thought evoking track features chilling yet inspirational piano melodies, subtle percussion and atmospheric elemental enhancers, all completed with Limitless' trademark deep bass line to round of this masterful release.

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