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Drum Addict
Move/Blud Clott Sound

RB001-A - Drum Addict (Erb 'n' Dub) - Move Listenables are here
RB001-AA - Drum Addict (Erb 'n' Dub) - Blud Clott Sound Listenables are here

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Fresh from the (mixing) desk of South East London’s Drum Addict (aka Erb N Dub) comes “Move” b/w “Blud Clott Sound,” the first 12” single off of Radical Beats Records. Having just dropped his remix of Foreign Beggars’ “Hold On” with the legendary Micky Finn, Drum Addict finally seems to be putting all of his various skills to use.

Having played the drums for over a decade, it’s no surprise that drum and bass production would come naturally to someone who calls himself Drum Addict. In addition to producing, drumming and DJing, Erb N Dub is also the founder of the Acetate Youth Music Workshops, through which he works with youth organizations to educate and tutor young people in music and production. With all of this going on, it’s no surprise 2007 looks to be the year in which Drum Addict steps into his own. And no small part of that step includes his partnership with the also up and coming Radical Beats crew on “Move/Blud Clott Sound.”

Rooted firmly in the new-school jump up sound that is currently ruling dance floor drum and bass, “Move” kicks out a brief, stepping intro before dropping into a rugged, punchy bassline, perfect for the record boxes of DJ Hazard, G Dub and Nicky Blackmarket. Simple, well crafted and absolutely lethal when dropped properly, the ultra clean production of “Move” is bound to have heads and dance floors turning alike.

On the flip side is “Blud Clott Sound,” whose curious reese and harpsichord intro will having you saying “my, what is this rudeboy business? Am I about to bounce the fuck around?” The answer is a resounding yes, as a thick action snare smacks away over swinging wah-bass stabs; a bit cheeky, a bit fun and a perfect backer to put Radical Beats first release on the map!

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