“All The Things” tha don Dillinja - Valve

Re: “All The Things” tha don Dillinja - Valve

jay walker said:
Nice melodic liquid intro, sweetly drawn out vocals an then..... The biggest drop EVER!!!! Pure insanity - I need audio for this, anyone?!?

So, its exactly like every other dillinja tune then?

This is Definitley not like every other Dillinja tune imo :p

Grooveriders been rinsing this on his show - started with it a few weeks ago.

@ Noisemonkey - yeah its chock full o’ crazy beats, i thought it was Fresh first time i heard it.
skope said:
valve audio is hard to come by! the office are never to keen on it being circulated without permission.

A shame people can't show a bit more respect otherwise we might get to hear these tunes. Nowadays the dub pages all seem to be full of tunes that nobody's playing, which doesn't tie in with the whole dubplate thing at all
Dillinja's All the thing is an incredible track and a technical prowess IMO

I wasn't sure at first if it was dillinja

The breaks, the melodies, everything is sooo un-killa hertz

Well, he said things were gonna change after the album

I don't understand how people can gun dilly when they have not yet heard the track

Go figure
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