£200 for for classic vinyl collection in really good condition

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    alrighty folks,

    and with the first post I'm straight in trying to sell my records!!

    I have stacks of DnB vinyl for sale the newest of which are from about 3 years ago when I sold my decks

    tons of really really good music here, most of it has ceased being pressed so you can't get it in the shops. Also got some pretty rare stuff too plus old skool stuff from 95 etc. Selling it as I'm moving to Oz and need to get rid of my stuff round the house!

    don't want to sell it bit by bit cos I don't have time and its a pain in the tits having to go to the post office all the time (tried it on discogs), so want to sell it all as a collection.....£200??

    Postage with insurance will be around £50 for the 3 boxes with Royalmail Parcel Force

    email me if you're interested on andy@asonedigital.com

    or give us a bell on 07843 017 883 or 0141 883 0937

    I live in Glasgow, if you are nearby or even want to drive north of the border to pick these up no problem give me a bell or email and I'll email my address

    here's the music:


    Adam F & J Majik - Metrosound (picture disc edition)
    Artificial Intelligence – Soul Good
    Agent Black – Feel Good
    Baron – The Split/Corporate Fire
    Bad Company – Coma, Spraycan
    Bad Company – Book of the Bad Vol 1
    Blue Sonix – This Feeling (the remixes)
    Bulletproof – Cascade, what you need
    Bulletproof – Deadman, Surge
    Bulletproof – 12” Armour EP
    Carlito & Addiction – Perfect Combination, Sanctuary
    Carlito & Addiction – Supergrass, Nothing Better
    Cause 4 Concern – Sensor, Synergy
    Cause 4 Concern – Just Cause EP
    Cause 4 Concern – White Widow, Volcam
    Cause 4 Concern – Future Funk, Develop
    Cause 4 Concern – Symptom EP
    Cause 4 Concern – Soul, Eurotrash
    Danny Byrd – ‘Changes’ feat Sominaire
    Davide Carbone – Innocence (cause 4 concern remix etc)
    DJ Abstract – Now is the Time, I don’t know
    DJ Abstract – Confidence, Transmetropolitan
    Decoder/Substance – Icon 1 EP
    Decoder – Dimension, Fallen
    Deep Blue – Momentum, Immersion
    Dilinja (Test 2a) – Fluid, Hard Noize
    D Product – Written Off, Telemetry
    D Product – Already Mine, Running Scared
    D Kay & DJ Lee – Udon, Double Down
    DJ Zinc – Present Tense EP
    Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith – Dubtrack, Supersonic
    Ed Rush & Optical – The Medicine, Punchbag
    Ed Rush & Optical – Funktion, Naked Lunch
    Fallen Angelz – Back to the Acid Lab EP
    Fallen Angelz – Part One EP
    Facs – Stutter, Kromedome
    Formation 100 – Influx UK “Sing Out”, DJ SS “Fingers”
    Future Tech – Grand Theft Auto, Touch me
    Full Cycle – Through the eyes 2 ep
    Good Looking Records – Points in Time 006
    High Contrast – Make it Tonight, Mermaid Scar
    Hidden Rooms – Hidden Rooms vol 3 EP
    I.Q Collective – APB, Mode 1
    JB & DJ Spice – The 3 Dimensions EP
    JB – Bonjour Mes Amis, Acid Clamp
    Johnny L – Wish U had Something, S4, Obedience, I Let U
    Kingz of the Rollers – Kingz of the Rollers Vol 1
    Kingz of the Rollers – Kingz of the Rollers Vol 2
    Kingz of the Rollers – Kingz of the Rollers Vol 4
    Klute – Fear of People EP
    Klute – Part of Me
    Klute – Curley Wurley, Slendor
    Klute – Silent Weapons, Blitz
    Klute – We Are the Ones, Chicks (remixes)
    London Elektricity – Cum Dancing
    Marcus Intalex & ST Files remixes – 4 Hero “9x9” (reinforced 183)
    Matrix & Danny J – Paradiso, Can’t stop
    Mace – Inside Your Soul, Free Flow
    Manifest feat Soulphonics – Revival, set it off
    Mission Control (trouble on vinyl) – Mission Control EP
    Movement – The Sound of Movement Vinyl Sampler (xrs-search, ruffstuff & eljay – soulshine)
    Mulder – Number Station
    Notorious J – Soundblast, Conquest
    Nasty Habits – Liquid Fingers, Liquid Beatz
    Origin Unknown – Truly One Remixes
    Optical – Bounce, The End pt 1
    Peshay – You got me Burning
    Photek (special forces) – Sidewinder, The End remix
    Pivotal 13 – white label
    Plastic Surgery - Plastic Surgery 2
    Plastic Surgery - Plastic Surgery 4 pt 1
    Plastic Surgery - Plastic Surgery 4 pt 2
    Polar – Skydiver, Secret World, Headgames
    Polar – Out of the Blue
    Pyro – white label (pro10?)
    Power Play EP (formation records)
    Ram records – Ram Raiders part 3
    Ram Trilogy – Ram Trilogy part 2
    Ram Trilogy – Ram Trilogy part 3
    Ram Trilogy – Evolution, Mindscan
    Ram Trilogy – Molten Beats
    Ram Trilogy – Titan EP
    Renegade Recordings – Transatlantic EP
    Rob F & Impulse – EP Subtitles 18
    Roni Size – 26 Bass, Snapshot
    Renegade Recordings – Renegade Rollers EP Vol 3
    Ryme Tyme – Ryme Tyme EP 1210 redcordings
    Sappo – Amazon, No Good
    Soulful Behaviour – carlito & addiction ‘better day’, fellowship ‘we can make it’
    Stratus – Like This, Waves
    Shimon & Andy C – Terraform, Primal Fear
    Solid State – Point of no Return
    Special Forces (photek) – Miracle
    The Insiders – Detroit, Chicago
    Tod Terry – Let it Ride, Blackout
    Tommy Knocker – Vice City Bass EP
    Trace – Cells
    Tronik 100 (renegade recordings) – Tronik 100 EP
    Use of Weapons – Stans Plan, Planet Earth
    Underwolves – Under Your Sky (remixes by origin unknown, heavy manners, spacek)


    Mask - You Rang, better World - dope dragon
    Mask & Swabe - cash till, sub zero - dope dragon
    Gang Related/mask - Ready or Not, Sky - dope dragon
    Mask - Alright, Reese - dope dragon
    Gang related/mask - soldier, bass is rollin - the terrdome 12" - dope dragon
    Droppin Science white label - 96?
    Omni Trio - who are you, together - beyond the fundamental - moving shadow
    Decoder - Elements, Going Down - second movement
    Photek - Rings around saturn, ufo
    Photek - T.Raenon, T.Raenon (version(/Kanei - op art records
    Photek - The Hidden Camera EP
    Ed Rush - Killamanjaro, Subway - prototype
    Peshay - piano tune, vocal tune - Good Looking Records
    Paradox - new statement, nostalgia - stronghold records
    Shy FX - Just an excuse EP - S.O.U.R
    Mc Det - white label
    Ayman - the bomb, liquorish - juice records
    L Double & The Dream Team - Rollin Numbers, The Rollin Mixes - Joker Records
    Lemon D - urban style music, this is L.A - Metalheads
    Origin Unknown (Andy C & Ant Miles) - valley of the shadows (original mix), valley of the shadows (awake 96 mix) - Ram records
    BLIM - Their Culture, Virtual Player - emotif recordings
    Cryogenics - R U Alien, Good intentions hardleaders
    Keen & DJ SS - 1, 2, 3, waiting - formation records
    Da Fugitive - re - lick, da power - macca records
    Bomb 20 Pigtronics - Rust - apocalypse now, Pigtronics - radio passive
    Mirage - deep rage, bewildered - odysee

    MISC (NOT DnB)

    Flavournaughts - bustin outta no way street, bulawayo, new dawn - nineba
    Boards of Canada – High Scores EP
    Dave Angel – Classics
    Foremost Poets – Moonraker remixed – original version, Filippo “naughty” Moscatello, Patrick Pulsinger
    Zoot woman – chasing cities
    Daft Punk – homework
    Surgeon – lino 10 – badger bite, reptile mess, electric chicken
    Basement Jaxx – Urban Haze EP
    Overlord Lady Remixes – mick harris, eraldo bernocchi
    Azzido da bass – dooms night
    Silicone Soul – Nosferatu
    Soma – volume 6
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    can't believe nobody wants this at £200! There's about a grands worth there!
  3. Dirty Needle PR


    Nov 1, 2007
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    Anything sold out of that yet mate?
  4. asone

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    Nov 26, 2007
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    not yet! pm sent...
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    High Wycombe Village
    where do you live ...uk wise praps if you offered a pick up service this may help your quest , im sure there plenty of interest but as people dont know you its gunna take a strong willed person to fork out only £200 for a nice package that hay has no garentees that they will reciece / who you are / blah blah

    praps putting if your seriosly interested pm me your mobile or contact number and i will call ,

    making someone feel they aint just gunna get punked £200 by someone new , no disrespect asone at all im trying to put things inpersective and help both parties out ie you as you want to sell and the buyer as id hate to find out this thread was fake later on .......

    anyway .... if this is real good luck to the person getting it ,

    there is other methods of selling , hard 2 find and nottinghill record exchance and reckless records all buy collections for cash ... some tracks they give you a good price for some they dont but it another way of quickly getting rid of unwantd vynel ....

    i sold nearly 2000 hardcore rave classics and dnb this way , happy what they gave me and drove off 50 mins later simple ... they even paid my petrol fee aswell ... :D
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    cheers for that mate!

    yeah you're right actually, original post edited and my phone number is 07843 017 883 or 0141 883 0937

    I live in Glasgow for anybody who wants to pick these up, and if you give me a ring I'll give you my address etc


  7. sam the dnb man

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    i will give you £220 for all these tunes