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    We're always looking for bright sparks with big ideas to jump onboard the Good Ship Goblin and join the voyage to chaos! To celebrate our next Chapter we’re dishing out £150 to fund an art installation.....of any persuasion!

    : Performers : Artists : Visualists : Inventors : Entertainers :

    We will fund the most ingenious individual/group amongst you and give you the funds to showcase YOUR work at our next event. The concept MUST fit with the following theme:


    This Chapter will be a virtual world with digital delicacies and performers galore - dabbling in a technological R(e)volution we’ll be fusing the aesthetics of nature with the beauty of technology - this is a fully-fledged festival experience not to be missed.

    There are no other boundaries other than that of your mind! SO if you’ve got a cunning plot you’d like to unfold and you just need some dosh, send us a proposal (300 words MAX) to Goblins[at]illumiNaughty.co.uk with the subject 'CREATIVE GRANT'

    :: Competition closes 20 April 2013 ::

    Event page:
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