1. Z

    Multi Genre Album Video Trailer - Justo the MC & Brelstaff "Urban Testimony"

    Trailer video just published for the new album “Urban Testimony” by Brooklyn rapper Justo the MC and Edinburgh producer Brelstaff due for release in November. Brel released the instrumental version of this back in April & is now getting a few spins on the BBC Radio 1 / Radio 6 programme Focus...
  2. Z

    Album Video Trailer - Brelstaff "Urban Testimony [The Instrumentals]"

    Album video trailer for the new lofi hip hop album by Edinburgh producer Brelstaff, who recently released a new joint with Fashawn. "Urban Testimony [The Instrumentals]" releases April 28th. The full vocal version, a collaboration with Brooklyn rapper Justo the MC will be out in the autumn
  3. Z

    "Lame Duck [Shahin Remix]" ft Tru Trilla, Fly Kwa & Prince Ak

    New visuals just released for this remix produced by Glasgow's Shahin, featuring New Jersey rappers & LOTUG / Naughty by Nature affiliates Tru Trila, Fly Kwa & Prince Ak. The original version appeared on London producer Ramson Badbonez' album "Lead by Example" last year which also featured the...
  4. Z

    New Video - Phoenix da Icefire & Husky Brown "The Humans are Coming"

    New video "The Humans are Coming" by London's Phoenix da Icefire & Husky Brown, filmed by Global Faction & UKHH. Taken from "Panacea", nominated for 'Best Independent Album' at next week's AIM Awards which will be broadcast live by SBTV
  5. celodnb

    Really useful tutorial videos, but not DnB

    Hi all, I thought I'd start a new thread, where i thought it would be interesting to see, which tutorial videos have you found really helpful, but aren't actually DnB? I thought I'd start by posting this one here from James Wiltshire aka Freemasons. He really knows his stuff!! It's actually...
  6. Z

    New video "Velvet Cake" by NW London rapper Da Flyy Hooligan

    New video "Velvet Cake" by NW London rapper Da Flyy Hooligan, produced by NCL-TM. His new album "S.C.U.M." featuring Westside Gunn & Hus Kingpin releases on October 27
  7. Z

    New video "Asantihini" by northwest London rapper Da Flyy Hooligan

    New video "Asantihini" by Da Flyy Hooligan, taken from his album "S.C.U.M." out on October 27th through Miami label 22 Entertainment produced entirely by the UK's Agor and which includes features by Westside Gunn and Hus Kingpin. Visuals directed by Ringz ov Saturn
  8. Monster Dub Club

    Greetings from Monster Dub Club!

    Hi all, My name is Sam and I run a promotional channel, Monster Dub Club. Please feel free to subscribe/follow me for frequent updates on some of the best upcoming talent around. Monster Dub Club: Like - Listen -...


    New Liquid drum and bass channel with the latest upcomming and underground artists! ENJOY ! :)
  10. J


    Youtube channel I have recently created for promoting underground and upcomming liquid drum and bass artists. Normally the first to upload the latest EP's..... ENJOY!
  11. PredatorsLAB

    Predators LAB

    Hello, to all dnbheads out there! My name´s Markus! I want to introduce myself as one of the CEO´s and founder of the Austrian Label and Promotionplattform - Predators LAB. Since the beginning of 2016 we promote artists from all over the world which bring audible potential in there tunes...
  12. PredatorsLAB

    Predators LAB Uploads

    Hej heads! My name's markus. I want to let you know about all our uploads on Predators LAB YT Channel. Is it okay to post every single upload in a single new thread or is there a way to bundle all our uploads in one thread, without gettin' lost? Best regards from Austria, Markus
  13. Kompas-Audio

    DnB Selection Process III >YOUTUBE LIVE NOW!! 7/5/16 :: Humanature / Pixel / The Skeptics

    07/05/2016 @ 18:00 – 22:00 :: UTC+01 ::SELECTION PROCESS III ! Watch directly from: ::::: (click live) YT: Time table: 18.00-19.00 The Skeptics (, BREAK THRU) :: Birmingham, England 19.00-20.00...
  14. H

    Youtube channel for classic drum n bass?

    After being on channels for classic dubstep like TheWhilomBass, DubstepClassicsHD(who's renamed himself 'I am growing stronger') and Deep Medi, I wanted to know if similar channels for drum n bass exist? If you have any to recommend, I'd like to hear em! Channels that have older tunes alongside...
  15. PRTCL

    New Riddim - 400 ft. (w/ Sweetpea)

    Ez crew, Got a new riddim that's gone up on the YouTube page acidnbass: This one is coming out on Terabyte on the 1st of April...This Friday. Nice one, Joe PRTCL
  16. ArtistiX

    yo guys check my stuff (ArtistiX)

    hey guys im 23 years 'ArtistiX', make Drum&Bass and other stuff on youtube and soundcloud I work with Cubase since 2002 and i really love this DAW. If you have questions about the DAW or how to make music, you can pm me and i try to answer it You an check my stuff here bros! Soundcloud...
  17. strove

    [Ableton] Excellent Fundamentals YouTube Course

    I just finished watching this dude's free course and thought it was really good. So, enjoy!
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