1. xiris

    DnB XIRIS - Strange Occurrences EP - FREE- out now!

    Click HERE to listen to & download Strange Occurrences for FREE! Just click the "BUY ALL" button to download the whole thing at once. (320kpbs MP3s). If you'd like WAVs let me know and i'll send em your way. And if you want to hear more, remember to follow me on SoundCloud. Lots of stuff in...
  2. xiris

    XIRIS - Take Part (Original WIP)

    SECRET SOUNDCLOUD LINK New one from me, I heard Newcaise may have also found this vocal not too long ago. Still wanna add some risers/atmospheric touchups in the background, but what do you guys think of the main idea? Feedback, comments, critique is, as always, extremely welcome [and in...
  3. xiris

    DnB XIRIS - The Only Thing

    New chill winter roller from me, sine basslines and xylophone pings. What do you guys think? I always appreciate feedback and comments! All the best,
  4. xiris

    DnB XIRIS - Switch

    This is a bit different for me, haven't done anything heavy since Danger Zone [that's been worth sharing anyways, there are some seriously awful reece rollers on my hard drive now, hahah]. This one all started with my playing with chords and drums, and evolved several times into what is now...
  5. xiris

    DnB XIRIS - Changing Colours

    New tune from yours truly, aimed for some fall themed music, please let me know what you guys think! All the best,
  6. xiris

    DnB Xiris - Mountain Haze

    New chill jungle tune from yours truly. Feedback is appreciated and always welcome :)
  7. xiris

    Xiris - Here We Go [heavier, crunchy bass tune]

    :2thumbs:This is a Secret Soundcloud Link :2thumbs: I can't decide if i like the vocal or not. I think i got too many stabs of it scattered about.. Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? Deep Insight? :teeth: Thanks in advance!
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