white lies

  1. Leniz

    DnB Miavono - White Lies (Newcaise Remix)

    After @maschinistom posting his remix I decided to give a shot. Enjoy some proper Liquid guys! Feedback appreciated! :D Version 1: https://clyp.it/1voadmki Version 2: https://clyp.it/f5hcembi Version 5: https://clyp.it/zhkvthdz Version 6: https://clyp.it/stjbh1bo
  2. M

    MIAVONO-WHITELIES ... maschinistom remix

    elo peeps! this is my take on the MIAVONO 'WHITE LIES' remix. haven't done a remix in a while but this one raised my attention since it's got great vocals. anyone interested in the remix comp check the youtube clip below. I tried to do things a bit different this time, no clear dnb structure...
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