1. R

    liquid dnb needing an ID

    hi guys, this has been bothering me for a while, my itunes glitched and the names of my songs became random letters, and i cannot remember what tune this is, any help is greatly appreciated. fairly certain the sample/vocals used says "only you... can hear me suffer..." many thanks. LINK...
  2. RivalTechnique

    DnB L35 Studio Mix Feat. RivalTechnique [FREE DOWNLOAD]

    https://dnbshare.com/download/L35_Studio_Mix_Feat._RivalTechnique.mp3.html L35 Studio Mix Feat. RivalTechnique [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  3. symbiosis

    My liqiud remix of Minden's Sweet Simple Things

    The original tune is an indie pop song at 105 bpm. The only stems I used were the vocals, everything else I produced. I don't usually do liquid so quite happy with how this turned out overall.
  4. Morah

    DnB Low:r - Dreamin' Ft. SiiLHOUETTE

    Yes yes! Yet another preview from my Ebb n Flow EP featuring the amazing SiiLHOUETTE on vocals. I am uploading one every Thursday so keep it locked https://www.facebook.com/Lowrmusic/ https://twitter.com/Lowrdnb Peace and love
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