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  1. K!NET!K

    DnB Kinetik - Pick 20 Random Tunes Mix

    I was invited to a "Pick 20" group, in which you make a mix with 20 tracks chosen at random. As expected with choosing at random, there are some tunes that wouldn't normally be paired, but that's part of the fun of it. There was a decent time spread, with some from yesteryear, and most more...
  2. djpsyche

    DnB DJ Psyche - Deep Jungle Excursion 2 [1992-94]

    DJ Psyche - Deep Jungle Excursion 2 All vinyl selection of Jungle 92-94 1 Unknown (??) by BIO 001 2 Cape Fear by Remarc + Lewi Cifer 3 4 Meg Soundboy by Smokey Joe 4 Fantasy Remix by Dubtronix 5 Horns 4 ‘94 by Back 2 Basics 6 Let It Roll by DJ Crystl 7 Far Away by Doc Scott 8 Catch 22 by DMS...
  3. djpsyche

    DnB Psyche - Deep Jungle Excursion (1993-95)

    1 Lickwood (Southside Mix) by Dubb Hustlers 2 Bastards by Shut Up & Dance 3 Who Kan Draw by Tom & Jerry 4 Wax Musical by Dom & Roland 5 Rumbled by Mad Dog 6 Good Morning by King Of The Jungle 7 Twilight Zone Remix by Another Dimension 8 Ooh Yeah by DJ Monik & Tico 9 Frontline by DJ...
  4. Kompas-Audio

    DnB SATL (Fokuz Recordings, SGN:LTD, Integral) VINYL ONLY video live mix @ KompasAudio HQ

    Satl - Hailing from Wschowa in Poland 20 year old Adrian Rybka better known as Satl hasn’t been in the business for long but he’s already hitting the nail on the head when it comes to working the drum & bass scene. Having regular support from scene's heavyweight DJ's like DJ Marky, Fabio &...
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