vinyl cleaning


    Grid of Points 5-19 Mix-Gremlinz, Gerra & Stone, Response, Jubei, Trace, Ulterior Motive, Break

    Gremlinz & Jesta-Black Lotus Ulterior Motive & Jubei-Walnuts Response & Pliskin-Covert Total Science & Jubei-Reality Check Jubei-Little Dubplate Break-Gunpowder Gerra & Stone-Feels Like Trace-Kyoto Cause 4 Concern-Gas Chamber NJC-Lose It Breakage-Yeah Nymfo-Murphys Law Hoover1-2B2
  2. Agent Smith

    Okki Nokki Record Cleaner

    Hey guys So I've basically been going through cleaning my records with some cheap plastic wheel cleaner I picked up for virtually nothing. Its basic and longwinded so trying to see what else is out there. Friend told me to have a look at the Okki Nokki cleaner. RRP around £400. Website below...
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