1. Alpha Blood

    Alpha Blood - The Tribe Mix '21

    Listen on Soundcloud Tracks & Mixes YouTube Facebook TikTok TRACKLIST: 1. Annix Feat. Rider Shafique - Equinox 2. Bou & Enei - DP 3. Dub Phyzix - Slush Puppeh 4. ALPHA BLOOD - THE TRIBE 5. Bou & Mefjus - Wormhole 6. Kumarion - Lilith 7. Bou & Upgrade Ft. Chimpo - Creeper 8. Document One &...
  2. D

    DnB filthy jumpup

  3. S

    In need of some advice

    Hello there everybody, I just made an account today because I saw the great potential in forums like this. I was wondering if anybody could give me some feedback on one of my latest projects which is not finished but seeing if I'm heading in a good direction or not. I worked with FL Studio...
  4. Redalfa


    We all struggle for follows plays and likes, so lets work together and build a community, add your best track on soundcloud (one track only Dnb/Jungle/Breaks ) everyone follows that artist and like their track and vice versa.. Only add a track if you intend to like and follow everyone on the...
  5. Amosi

    Hi DnB Forum!

    I'm David, I'm Dutch and I make DnB. Without going all "I grew up in a family where...." the shortest way to put it is that I've always loved music, and most of the time in my life I've been making music of all sorts as well. Until my house got robbed, I lost everything basically, and I didn't...
  6. TwistedSenses16

    DnB New member - Unsigned Producer

    Hey DnB members, I'm new to the forum and I'm here to reach out to new listeners and find new artists and producers who'd like to collab. I have this new track I'd like to share and get some feedback on, its called 'The End', its a drum & bass track with a twist at the drop, and I think it'd be...
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