1. D

    Garage DJ Chug - All Wookie-XMen-Exemen Mix

    A mix dedicated to one of my all time favourite UK Garage producer(s). X-Men, who were originally Jason Chue & Johnny J. Jason Chue then went under the name of Wookie, and also as Exemen with his brother Simon Chue. Their signature sounds were the skippy jungle influenced drumwork, instantly...
  2. DeeGun

    EL-B - OutLook Mix Series 2018

  3. DeeGun

    Garage Darkside & Cyrus - GetDarker Live Sessions 001 - UK Garage Vinyl Special

  4. DeeGun

    Garage DJ Shookz Presents: Way Back When Vol 3.

  5. D

    Anybody Help With 4x4 / Bassline / House & Bass Samples / Wavs / Loops / Kits

    A thread for any one with 4x4 / bassline / house & bass samples / wav files / loops everyone welcome to join & help each other
  6. sonicjunglist


    Jai Q Presents ~ THIS IS BASSLINE RELOADED ~ >>> DOWNLOAD HERE <<< Fallen Angel Mafia (Naya) - Unthinkable IQY and FAZ (ft Slick Don) - Arr Right Platnum - Over the Heartache Megadrive - Reason Veteran (ft Becky Rhodes) - Why you wanna D&G vs Dezz Jones - How we Do (Bassline Crew) TRC (ft...
  7. nafta

    Garage Nafta - In Use [PREVIEW]

    Wasn't sure where to post this one, but seems to fit here better. :)
  8. nafta

    Bass Nafta - In Use [PREVIEW]

    Hi guys.. just wrapped this one up. It will be available for free download as soon as it's released. Enjoy!
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