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    New video "High" by Brooklyn's Justo the MC produced by Edinburgh's Brelstaff

    New video just dropped by Brooklyn rapper Justo the MC. “High” is from the album “Urban Testimony” he’s put together as a collaboration with Edinburgh producer Brelstaff due out in November. The instrumental version of the album he produced came out earlier in the year and several tracks were...
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    "Lame Duck [Shahin Remix]" ft Tru Trilla, Fly Kwa & Prince Ak

    New visuals just released for this remix produced by Glasgow's Shahin, featuring New Jersey rappers & LOTUG / Naughty by Nature affiliates Tru Trila, Fly Kwa & Prince Ak. The original version appeared on London producer Ramson Badbonez' album "Lead by Example" last year which also featured the...
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