1. celodnb

    Really useful tutorial videos, but not DnB

    Hi all, I thought I'd start a new thread, where i thought it would be interesting to see, which tutorial videos have you found really helpful, but aren't actually DnB? I thought I'd start by posting this one here from James Wiltshire aka Freemasons. He really knows his stuff!! It's actually...
  2. prettyherb

    Who had experience with giving workshops/lessons in music production?

    Hey, I've been asked to do a workshop in music production in FL studio. I've never done this and I'd like to prepare this very well, so I was wondering if you guys can give me any tips.. Who has done this before and how did you prepare? I'm thinking of making a checklist with everything I...
  3. prophetmusic

    DnB Hedex main bass??? Help

    yo guys i'm currently working on a hedex inspired track but i'm really stuck on the sound design of the bass and there's literally no tutorials on the web so if anyone could help I'd appreciate any help thanks
  4. E

    Ideas for recorded production sessions

    hi guys, I've recently put together a fairly novice video showing how I eq and put together basic drums and it's something that definitely helps with the thought process etc. I'm going to be covering bass and music and how I evolve it or put it together. It'd be handy to know what people would...
  5. thebizzyb

    Propper amen Break Chopping Tutorial

  6. DillonJ

    Beginner looking for step by step learning process

    I've just downloaded Logic X and started to familiarise myself with the DAW, as you can probably imagine it's rather overwhelming. The first steps I have taken is to literally throw together a basic kick/snare/symbol beat through one of the sequencer plugins called 'Ultrabeat'. I've done this...
  7. Techbug

    Growl/Reece Bass on Virus Ti

    Hi I would like to create a topic about Growl/Reece bass for Virus Ti users. I would like to see any links that you may have come across or step by step making Growl/Reece on the VirusTI. If you have Patches or you know where you can buy, please post links, videos, samples, examples, step by...
  8. Kalos

    DnB Curious of bass sounds

    Hello there dnbfourm, I'm new to this website and have been looking around on the forums and couldn't help but notice the wanting to get a certain bass sound from other producers.This isn't a post on finding out how to get a certain bass sound, but curious to get inside the minds of people who...
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