1. C

    DnB [WANTED] Independent Mixes/Producers Need your Tunes.

    Has anyone got any mixes or their own tunes i could upload - all credit to the rightful owner, just trying to get something started here, i've had a few nights held in my hometown but trying to promote and push independent dnb heads. regards, cONE.
  2. binar

    binar - my tunes as mp3's - album/mix

    Greetings. Been working on these for up to 10 years now - just got into a groove about 2 months ago and decided to give them a bit of spit n polish (old man expression). A little while back I put them together in a mix. I'm happy to share the individual tracks, just pm or drop me a line at...
  3. Ezim4n

    Tunes that start 140bpm and transist to 172bpm?

    Any recommendations people? cheers
  4. prettyherb

    Tunes like 'Frederic Robinson- Constellations'

    Struggling to find more tunes in this style. Can you please point me towards some more? Can be of any artist, any release date... Thanks!
  5. Destro Bass

    New DnB Downloads of the end of 2016 Thread

    Greetings drum and bass fam! I noticed there was tons of drum and bass shared over the holiday season, and thought a proper thread to DL some tunes we might have missed would be great to have on here. Please reply with any tunes you grabbed or decided to give out this Holiday! Bless up and keep...
  6. prettyherb

    DnB Sexiest DNB tracks

  7. H

    Youtube channel for classic drum n bass?

    After being on channels for classic dubstep like TheWhilomBass, DubstepClassicsHD(who's renamed himself 'I am growing stronger') and Deep Medi, I wanted to know if similar channels for drum n bass exist? If you have any to recommend, I'd like to hear em! Channels that have older tunes alongside...
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