1. Danny_Intro


    I buzz my boots off to this tune so had to give it a share, please check out their other work, a few free downloads on the Soundcloud
  2. Troy Manvell

    Fresh tune but is it missing something?

    Hi I got a fresh tune down last night i like it but it feels like its either missing something.... Any advice on the matter or is it good as it is. Opinions and feedback welcome. Let me know the score Cheers Troy
  3. celodnb

    DnB New track from new DnB producer in Denmark

    Hi, it's my first post in this forum, so I hope I have put this in the right place. I've been learning to produce for just over a year now, and I'm ready to start posting my tracks on Soundcloud. As I'm new, I know there is much I need to learn, and I know my tracks are far from perfect, but I...
  4. D

    Massage - Jayson (new)

    hi, I wondering if i could get some feedback on this??? i will post more tunes up soon as well, really want to get back into producing again. thanks guys.
  5. H

    Old school jungle track?

    Need help identifying this beauty, any help appreciate.
  6. prettyherb

    Tunes like 'Frederic Robinson- Constellations'

    Struggling to find more tunes in this style. Can you please point me towards some more? Can be of any artist, any release date... Thanks!
  7. prettyherb

    Another dreamy liquid track almost done. Feedback needed :)

    Hey guys! Almost finished this badboyyyyyy. hhttps://soundcloud.com/sortedseizure/sorted-seizure-turn-on-the-night-v1/s-EsfYN Link is private so if you paste it in your browser it'll work (delete one 'h' from the hhttps =p Feedback would be really appreciated on this one! Thanks! Ruben
  8. Flux Betazerfall

    DnB Hey iam new and i need some feedback

    Hey i am absolutely new to things like sharing and all that stuff. I would love to hear some feedback for my first tune i really finished. Thank you very much ! :razz:
  9. Vlum_


    Hi! I am a very new member of this forum, and looking forward to getting more involved with the drum&bass culture here. I dont dj much, but I love to listen to mixes from many different djs like Calyx&Teebee, Noisia, Mefjus, Xtrah, and so on... Hopefully in the near future, I too will start...

    New Accelerated Culture EP Out Now

    Accelerated Culture Default Recordings Slang The Love Will Take Over OUT NOW!
  11. J

    I need it

    Facebook is f'ed up right now but uh when it loads:
  12. Jake_Mehmet1

    Check out my first dnb tune!

    First ever dnb tune produced by myself on Ableton. Let me know your thoughts. follow and leave a comment!
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