1. Tundra

    DnB Tundra - Phaze2 mix

    This is a mix I done for the phaze2 sound system podcast, as always 100% vinyl Potential Badboy ft Junior Dangerous - lock em off Dimension - Whip slap Wilkinson - Automatic Culture shock - Troglodyte Jayline - Lets go Hazard - Bricks don't roll Cabin fever ft Kevin lee roy - Memories Foreign...
  2. Tundra

    DnB DJ Tundra & Blancx - 22:00 to 00:00 radio show every tuesday on Crystal FM

    Ez People, Me and my mate DJ blancx are doing a radio show every Tuesday 10 - 12 on crystal fm (104.3 fm if your inna south London or www.crystalfmuk.com if you can't get signal or want to listen anywhere else) Would be good if some of the forum members get locked in! Will be playing 100% DNB...
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