1. J

    Bass 14.06.2019 ►Low frequencies►Moscow

    🔆 Лето в самом разгаре - самое время для продолжения вечеринок Low Frequencies 🔆 Тебя ждёт: 🔊 Шикарный саунд 💥Мощный басс ⭐Талантливые DJ 🍻Бар с френдли прайсом 💵Бесплатный вход Наша цель - объединить всех любителей BASS музыки и доказать, что BASS жив и любовь к нему не угасла...
  2. J

    Bass 20.04.2019 ►Low frequencies►Moscow

    Что такое вечеринки Low Frequencies? Это ритм нашей души, превосходящий повседневную монотонность, с которым жизнь становится новым путешествием звуков. Мощный басс - это лекарство, доставляемое нашими диджеями самым божественным образом. 20 апреля наполнит вашу жизнь красками и вибрацией...
  3. BFFL

    Dubstep BFFL - New World Order (FREE DOWNLOAD)

  4. BFFL

    Bass Looking for a Promotion

    Hey there, My name is Jacob Coulter and I go by the name of BFFL, I am 17 years of age and feel like I need to start putting myself out there and releasing my music. I made this track because I wanted to combine a few of my favourite genres together and I'm extremely happy with the results as...
  5. George Cox


    20 minute mix of heavy drum and bass (with hints of other genres) with a hip hop/trap feel to it. different to most of the other neuro tracks. (y) please give feedback on improvements if needed / feel free to like, repost and/or follow
  6. BFFL

    Dubstep BFFL - SPARTAN (Leave Feedback)

    Enjoy and Leave Feedback
  7. B

    Dubstep BFFL - SPARTAN (Leave Feedback)

    Enjoy and leave feedback
  8. BFFL

    Dubstep BFFL - Ritual (Leave Feedback)

  9. BFFL

    DnB Taylor Swift - Shake it off (BFFL REMIX)

    Hey Folks, I just released a new remix i made and i would love some feedback (O-O)
  10. alouette street

    OUT NOW: Brain Food – Mada – Signs – Sks

    OUT NOW: Brain Food – Mada – Signs – Sks Trap / Bass music Artists: Mada – Signs – Sks EP ASR015 All Right Reserved © 2016 # Brain food an original ep created by Mada, Signs and Sks. Mada is a singjay hip hop, reggae dub cross over come from surinam, he started with sound system and made a...
  11. alouette street

    I’m coming out – Jackie Djack – Free download

    I’m coming out – Jackie Djack – Free download Trap / Hiphop / Rap All Right Reserved © 2016 Vocals: Djackie Djack Beat: Guillaume Boulier # Jackie Djack is a hip-hop artist with a various musical backgrounds. Her influences come from hip hop, Gospel, Afro, Funk and Electro as well. After...
  12. Ghosthack

    90 Free Trap and Dubstep Samples

    I have an ongoing series of free trap and dubstep sample packs since 2010 and released now number 6, this time with 90 files, featuring basslines, drum samples, pads, buildups, 808 stuff and presets for Serum and Massive. Check them here, a valid email address is required...
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