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  1. B

    jump up track ID from brockie set on pyroradio

    looking for an ID on this brockie set if anyone knows their jump up on here. you can hear the track best from 25:16 onwards, as added to the youtube link.. any help would be much appreciated! 🙏
  2. J

    3 jungle dnb track id requests

  3. Janner

    DnB Calibre Track

    Any idea as to whether this track ever got released? This clip is taken from a Fabio & Grooverider Radio 1 show circa late 2008. I know calibre is pretty prolific with loads of songs not seeing the light of day. Is this one of them?
  4. R

    Oldschool dnb track ID

    Hiya, need some oldschool dnb head to help me with this track's ID: Much appreciated.
  5. D

    Need ID of this banger (Jayline @Flex)

  6. M

    DnB Anyone knows the drop at 2:13

    Hi, can anybody please tell me what is the name of the track starting at 2:13 here:
  7. M

    ID of a drop from Roni Size & DJ Krust set

    Hi guys, i'm looking for the track starting at 2:13 here:
  8. B

    2013-2014 critical sound tune id, been desperate for a couple of years

    Can someone please help me with IDing a track I've been searching for for a couple of years now; I heard it a few times at Critical Sound raves, dropped by one of Kasra, Ivy Lab, Foreign Concept and Enei (I think). Literally never even found the tune on the web after searching through various...
  9. S

    DnB andy c alexandra palace track ids

    the set: any idea on the tunes at 23:05 and 26:20 its double dropped with timeworn
  10. dj big nob

    I need help finding this track

    Was at an even called Switch! the soundclash the other day and I think while tantrum desire was on this track was played, would be great if someone could tell me which track this is ;)
  11. E-z-E

    Certified sickness

    Need a tune i.d please guys it's from certified sickness into the new year mix it's the second track and has a sample saying "alright" it's so hefty if any one can i.d it for me Id be grateful
  12. Y

    Track id melodic drum N bass

    I heard a melodic drum N bass song with a Female vocal, the only lyrics I can remember is "low low low" at the end of a line. someone? Thanks!!
  13. C

    Oldschool DnB track ID '96 - '99

    Does anybody know any of these 3 cuts from this live mix? I need to identify at least the first one! These are short cuts from DJ Aphrodite's live mix at Hultsfred festival in Sweden in June 1999, so these tracks were released probably between 1996 and 1999. Please help me to identify them. Many...
  14. L

    Very rare track, unknown ID

    Hey, so this is a song a local DJ plays at the club i go every week, hes a really cool guy but doesnt wanna tell me this songs name, its driving me crazy, i know its not drum and bass, its more of a trap song, but i dont know where else to ask for help. Last time the dj said "ill give u a clue...
  15. Stella_Fiend

    DnB DVD from ally pally Tranzmission 2007 SV, 1N Dieselboy SP:MC

    Stella_Fiend I'm after a track id from many moons ago, where do i start? Stella_Fiend no audio... Stella_Fiend Off of a DVD from ally pally Tranzmission 2007 slammin vinyl one nation arena dieselboy w/ SP:MC, Mixed into...
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