1. A

    Essential plugins to have

    hey so I was just wondering what plugins do you think are essential for dnb production. I have all the fabfilters but that is about it. I dont care how much they are just tell me what they are and what they do :) cheers in advance
  2. D


    Alright so I'm trying to step up my game, but the level I'm trying to achieve is way up there. Here is a link of where I'm at right now: The question is would you guys consider this a banger and if not how much more needs to be done and what exactly?
  3. Noirednb

    DnB Production Help/Tips DRUMNBASS

    Right, so ive been using logic for about a year now but my productions are not getting any better mixdown wise, every thing is quiet and a bit muddy so i was just wondering if anyones got any good tips or could help with mixdowns. theres a few new clips up on my soundcloud if anyone would like...
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